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Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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Evals Jam 2017

The Evals Jam took place at the Thrashers Skatepark in Pretoria over the weekend. There’s something special about end-of-year BMX jams, they give riders the opportunity to get together from around the country and connect before the holidays, look back on the year and conjure up ideas for new events and road trips in the future. Jams like these see riders leave with a smile on their faces and add the kind of stoke that gets everyone excited for the new year ahead.

BMX riders getting ready to session tat he Evals Jam 2017

Jason Hood Tuck No hander at the Evals BMX Jam 2017
Jason Hood

Rico from Evals BMX, who is undoubtably one of the most dedicated guys to grace the South African BMX scene, put together the Jam. The open format jam contest included the Best Trick/ Long Jump challenges that got everyone on their bikes and sending it without the pressure of a normal contest environment. It’s pretty safe to say Thrashers Skatepark got one hell of a hiding on the day.

Murray Loubser 36o Table at the Evals BMX Jam 2017
Murray Loubser

A decent crew from out of town came through including Murray Loubser (Gaansbaai), Eric Garbers (Namibia) and Chiko M (Botswana). It was cool to see these guys arrive at the park and shred it like it was their local in just a few minutes. Team Joburg/ PTA were also in the house – Vincent Leygonie, Matt Duffy, Nathi Steeze, Jason Hood, Francois Bodenstein and Doran Mathewson went all out on the park like it was closing down. It was good to see all the riders doing something different, from savage gaps to using the back rails on the park.

Shout-out to Monster Energy, Omnico and Skabanga Crew for backing Evals to make sure the vibe was great. If you’re reading this, hopefully it will inspire you to throw a jam of your own.

Check out the video and photo gallery to see what went down:

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