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Monday , 27 January 2020
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DayLife BMX the Interview

DayLife BMX is a Cape Town based crew who are making a name in the industry and focusing on building the sport in South African, all while having a good time and progressing. They produce some pretty sick BMX parts as well. We chatted to founder, Werner Hendrich about DL and all that it’s about. See what he had to say:

We interview DayLife BMX
Give us some insight into who and what DayLife BMX is?
DayLife is a Cape Town based BMX Crew who designs and manufactures BMX parts with the motive to uplift and push the riding scene in South Africa.

Brandon Blight showing his BMX street skills
Brandon Blight
How did DL get started and how long has it been around?
When I was little I used to take my bike apart and rebuild it about once a week. For some reason the taking apart and assembling intrigued me more than anything. Since an early age I always wondered how bike parts were made.
As the years passed I did my practical in toolmaking and one day realized that this dream of mine was starting to look more and more like a reality. One day I went to the workshop at around 4 in the morning, sat down and made a hand drawing of a plastic peg I had been thinking about.
It all started there. I made a few pegs from this red material I found in the scrap section. The response from the photos I got after posting it online was remarkable. Soon after that I started making Stems, Sprockets, Hubguards and soon to follow, a few Frames.

DayLife founder Werner Hendrich throwing down some style
Werner Hendrich

What does the name stand for and what is the vision of DL?
I decided on the name DayLife because that is how I see BMX. Whether it is riding a spot, filming, designing and making parts, or simply pedalling down the road and just enjoying being on the bike with friends. Daylife is simply the BMX lifestyle and passion that I want to share with everyone. My vision for the DL crew is to inspire the younger generation of BMX in South Africa and across the world, while promoting my team and showing what we do.

Who are the riders associated with DL?
Right now it is Jason Prins, Brandon Blight, Werner Matthee, Murray Loubser, Kevin Schnider, Dean Bailey, Myself, and Wayne Gorton, the man with the moustache who has been helping me out since the early days.

Werner Matthee Turn Down for days
Werner Matthee

What type of riding disciplines does DL enjoy the most?
We mostly focus on street riding since we feel we can get more creative that way, but there is one or two of the team riders who enjoy riding comps as well.

What have been some of the highlight moments for DL and its riders?
The first highlight for Daylife was the first road trip we made up to Jozi in 2013 to meet up with our previous team riders and to film there. That was a super fun experience. Another highlight was the releasing of our latest DL 2015 promo edit. I was super stoked on the way it came out and grateful to see that so many people supported that. It motivated all of us so much.

Kevin Schnider riding the Quarter Pipe
Kevin Schnider

How often do you guys get to hook up and a go on ride missions?
We try to ride together at least once in the week but we mainly link up over the weekends and go out to film or shoot some photos. Sundays are usually the best days for riding since everything is closed and quiet.

Explain what a day in the life of DL riding is like?
We make our plans the previous evening on where we are going to ride the next day. We then either meet up in town or at Brandon’s house and get some breakfast. After that we start heading to spots to whoever wants to shoot something. The day mostly ends of with a chilled pedal, good food and coffee to follow. Sometimes foozball and a few drinks to go in hand, depending how the vibe goes. In the end it’s all about having fun and hanging out together.

Up and coming DayLife rider Murray Loubser
Murray Loubser

What are some of your favourite spots to ride?
I prefer pedalling through town, riding spots and then eventually end up at the Green Point stadium. There’s always fun stuff to ride and lines to do. Any spot can be fun if you are having a good time with your friends. We feed off each other’s energy.

When it comes to the progression and pushing each other, what limits can DL take its riding to?
There’s a fine line between pushing your limits and knowing what ones capabilities are. It all depends how much time you spend on your bike and how in control you feel at the end of the day. When we go out to film for something, the amount of pressure you put on yourself can get intense, but in the end the outcome is always more rewarding when you have worked for something.

Style for days its Dean Bailey
Dean Bailey

Who would you say are the stand out riders in the team and who are the up and comers to look out for in the near future?
I personally look up to all of my team riders because everyone’s got their own unique style. As for the up and comers on the DL team it is definitely Murray Loubser and Jason Prins.

Who are some of the local and international riders you look up to?
Locally I look up to Buddy Chellan, Wayne Reichi, Jason Hood, Wayne Gorton, James Brawn, Tucker, Schogn Lee, Colin/Stu Loudon and Greg Illingworth. Not just for the fact that they are all amazing riders but for the amount they have done for the BMX scene in South Africa.
Internationally I would have to say Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson and Ben Lewis.

DayLife rider showing progression Jason Prins
Jason Prins

Whats next for DayLife BMX?
We’re going on another trip in a couple of weeks to a few small Towns to explore and gather some content for the website we are currently working on. Once that is done we are going to release our new parts line myself and the team have been working on.
Thanks to everyone who ever helped and promoted the South African BMX scene to where it is now.

DayLife Toploader Stem dropping soon:
DayLife BMX stem releasing in South Africa soon

To keep up to date with DayLife BMX follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo gallery:

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