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Wednesday , 20 February 2019
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DarkFEST 2018 The Gnarliest Line of All Time

Over the past few weeks Sam Reynolds, Nico Vink and Clemens Kaudela have been building in the picturesque mountains of Stellenbosch. The result, one of the gnarliest Freeride MTB courses of all time, and a next level DarkFEST 2018.

DarkFEST 2018 resulting in one of the gnarliest lines of all time
Clemens Kaudela

Riders from around the world joined for a week a limit-pushing riding in the African wilderness. On Saturday, 10 Feb, the course was opened to the public to witness the madness of the Fest Series event.

Ethan Nell showcasing his Freeride MTB skills at DarkFEST 2018
Ethan Nell

The day kicked off with the Best Trick on the 27 foot, near-vertical goliath of a Step-Up, where some of the most insane tricks went down. Nicholi Rogatkin went full out and threw a Cash Roll to take the ‘Best Trick’ award.

Nicholi Rogatkin winning Best Trick at DarkFEST 2018
Nicholi Rogatkin

The masses went crazy as riders dropped into the full line showcasing just how insane, progressive and ground-breaking the course was. The likes of Ethan Nell, Brendan FaircloughClemens Kaudela, Nico Vink, Cam Zink, Carson Storch, Kyle Straight, Blake Samson blasted though the course leaving onlookers in awe. Local Rider, Theo Erlangsen braved the massive hits and took to the course with style, quickly becoming a crowd favourite.

South African riders Theo Erlangsen doing it for the fans at DarkFEST
Theo Erlangsen
Brendan Fairclough and Adolf Silva taking the shuttle to the top of the course
Brendan Fairclough and Adolf Silva

Adolf Silva was a man to be reckoned with. It was absolutely insane to watch him ride the line, owning the 90ft gap with a huge backflip and then a stylish Seat Grab Indian over the Hip to be crowned winner of the Best Line.

Adolf Silva backflipping the massive 90 foot double at DarkFEST 2018
Adolf Silva

The Spank Whip Off went down on 90ft Double and saw Sam Reynolds take the award as he went fully sideways with the most twisted Whip of the day.

Sam Reynolds winning the Spank Whip Off at DarkFEST
Sam Reynolds
Sam Reynolds superman seat gram off the massive DarkFEST step-up
Sam Reynolds

Photos by Eric Palmer and Ale Di Lullo.

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