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Thursday , 21 November 2019
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Danny Lailvaux Millsaps Training Facility Interview

Danny Lailvaux is one of the fastest and stylish up and coming Motocross riders in the country. Last year he attended the Millsaps Training Facility in the US but unfortunately battled with bike problems and injury destroying his hopes at racing the infamous Loretta Lynn’s.
Now Recovered from injury and setup with 2 new bikes, Danny is back in the US chasing his dreams. We chatted to the young gun about the MTF and the future.

Danny Lailvaux showing his motocross skills
For anyone that doesn’t know you. Give us some background into your motocross career?
Well I started racing motocross on 65’s in 2004. I only won my first motocross race in 2011 in the MX2b class and ended up winning the northern regions championship in that class. Otherwise I would say coming in 5th place at the 2013 North vs South in MX2 would be a career highlight for me.

You have just arrived back in the US at the Millsaps Training Facility. How long will you be over there for and where in America is it based?
Well apart from going back and forth a little bit between the US and SA I’ll be here till August 2015. It’s based in a tiny town in South Georgia called Cairo and it’s about 20 minutes from the Florida boarder.

You’ve been to the MTF before. How did it go the first time and why are you back?
Yeah, there were a lot of ups downs last time between getting sick as the spring nationals started and being off the bike a lot due to bike problems. On top of that I broke my collarbone two weeks before my final qualifier for Loretta Lynn’s and had to come back early. I’m back because I believe I can accomplish a lot more than I did the last time I was here. I’m definitely in a much better situation then last time. Last time was really tough but it taught me a lot and I feel I’m a lot wiser and stronger because of it.

Danny showing how tu hit a rut on a motocross bike
How did you get into the MTF and how much goes into getting over there to take part?
Well I was looking for a way to get into racing in the US and MTF seemed like a great opportunity. We just contacted them through their website and got a response pretty quickly. They don’t usually allow people in full time without them doing a camp here first, but thankfully in my case the did. It took a lot of organizing which mainly my mom did [laughs] so that part of the question is better directed at her.

Give us an idea of what it’s like at MTF?
MTF consists of a pro and amateur supercross track, an oval track, turn track and a massive outdoor track. The facilities include a full sized gym, shop, lake and a workshop. We also have a half basketball court and ping pong tables which can get pretty serious.

How do you think it will help with your riding, your goals and your future in the sport of motocross?
Oh for sure it will help a lot, there’s no doubt that it’s world class training here and I can’t imagine training anywhere else.

We chat to Danny Lailvaux about his trip to the Millsaps Training Facility
What bike are you riding while you’re over there?
Well I’ve got a 2015 KX450F and KX250F, I will definitely be riding the 450 a lot more to save the 250s engine. I’m really loving the 450 a whole lot more than I thought I would.

What are you hoping to get out of the facility and this trip?
The ultimate goal is to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s and do well in it, so I guess you could say that’s what this trip is all about.

How many races will you be competing in while over there?
I’m not %100 sure. I’m definitely doing Mini O’s and I will be doing the spring nationals around April next year, and then obviously all the qualifying races for Loretta’s. I’ll probably end up doing a few winter am races in Jan and Feb next year as well.

We talk motocross with up and coming rider Danny Lailvaux
What are your plans once you’re finished at the MTF?
I’m uncertain. it would depend a lot on how Loretta’s goes, basically everything depends on that.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Wow, 5 years. I would like to say doing supercross and pro nationals.

Any shout-outs?
Yeah a big thanks to my sponsors Frank Racing, 100% goggles, Dunlop Tyres and Twin air. I’d also like to thank my parents for everything, I could never have done it without them. And John Wakefield from Pelotrain, he always helps me out and is really a good friend.

Staying in shape for MX is one of the most important factors

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