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Thursday , 5 December 2019
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#CrankChaos 2018 – For the love of Gravity MTB

Last weekend, 1 – 4 November, the Maluti Mountains came alive with the stoke of over 250 Gravity MTB riders and spectators. All in unison for the 2018 #CrankChaos Maluti Mountain Bike Festival that took place at the Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho.

Review from the 2018 CrankChaos Maluti Mountain Bike Festival

Now in its third year, the event was bigger, better and jam packed full of action. Riders had the opportunity to enjoy and race on various trails surrounding the resort including Enduro, Downhill, Dual Slalom and Slopestyle lines. Not to mention that the country’s top riders were in attendance with the likes of Greg Minnaar, Andrew Neethling, Theo Erlangsen, Johann Potgieter and Tim Bentley shredding the trails with friends and fans.

Results from the 2018 CrankChaos Maluti Mountain Bike Festival
Enduro MTB at its best at CrankChaos 2018

The resort’s uplift/ T-bar is a major bonus, effortlessly taking riders to the top of the mountain and to the start sections of the network of trails. Three days of unbelievable riding took place including six formats of competition – Faith Race Dual Slalom, FOX Racing Enduro, Norco Downhill Eliminator, Strava Challenge, Hillclimb and Whip Off.

Downhill MTB at its best at the 2018 CrankChaos event
Mountain bike madness from CrankChaos 2018

With CrankChaos having something on offer for everyone, beginner to advanced level riders took part in every event, seeing a big progression in riding as well as competition. In the end, and as expected, it was the big names that battled it out for the podium positions, this not taking away from the enjoyment and energy of every rider on the mountain. It’s not often riders get the change to ride with and race against the sport’s icons.

Dual Slalom mountain bike action from CrankChaos 2018
MTB whip off comp from CrankChaos 2018

CrankChaos 2018 surpassed all expectations and we cannot wait to get back on the mountain next. Better get those booking in ASAP though, there is limited space available for this incredible mountain biking weekend. Keep your eyes on for more info.

Perfect riding condition at the Afriski Mountain Resort for CrankChaos 2018

CrankChaos 2018 Results

Faith Race Dual Slalom
Afriski’s main slope came alive for this eliminator style competition, featuring a custom built start gate, tightly packed berms, speed bumps and a final launch to the finish.

1st Tim Bentley
2nd Greg Minnaar
3rd Johann Potgieter

1st Beanie Thies
2nd Frankie Du Toit
3rd Steffanie Grossman

FOX Racing Enduro
The 3 stage FOX Enduro, totalling 6.3km, proved to be the ultimate test of endurance and riding ability. Riders were called upon to combat the gruelling altitude of the majestic Maluti mountains all while manoeuvring the technical downhill trails that come with it.

1st Theo Erlangsen 11:10
2nd Greg Minnaar 11:23
3rd Johann Potgieter 11:27

1st Stephanie Grossman 13:06
2nd Frankie Du Toit 13:25
3rd Beanie Thies 13:35

1st Jasper Barrett 11:59
2nd William Luxford 12:53
3rd Ike Klaasen 13:13

Norco Downhill Eliminator
The Norco Downhill Eliminator was not merely a race against the clock. In fact, it was the ultimate challenge requiring not only technical skills, but stamina and just the right amount of luck. Four riders, each on a separate downhill run of equal distance, but all with their own twists and turns, raced to be the first through the Red Bull arch. Navigation of berms, jumps and bridges up the ante – and the excitement.

1st Greg Minnaar
2nd Johann Potgieter
3rd Tim Bentley

1st Beanie Thies
2nd Frankie Du Toit
3rd Stephanie Grossman

1st Jasper Barrett
2nd Ike Klaasen
3rd William Luxford

Strava Challenge
Coming to completely dominate, 7 time Xterra winner Conrad Stoltz, took the top of the leaderboard for the Avalanche and Goldilocks Strava challenges during the event. His times were so impressive Stoltz now has the fastest time ever recorded on Strava on the Black Mountain Pass route and 2nd fastest ever on the Goldilocks trail.

Hill Climb
The rules of the CrankChaos Hill Climb are simple. As the name suggests, this event dares riders to race directly uphill in the fastest possible time. Should a rider’s feet stay grounded just a little too long, they are automatically disqualified. In the end there was a record breaking distance from the winner of the Hill Climb, Conrad Stoltz.

Whip Off
With the sounds of bells, chainsaws and vuvuzelas, the vibe surrounding the Whip Off competition was nothing less than electric. The Whip Off competition is judged on technicality, amplitude and style.

1st Tim Bentley
2nd Ike Klaasen
3rd Andrew Neethling

Photos by Eric Palmer and Dom Barnardt Photography.

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