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Monday , 18 February 2019
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Home » Sports » Mountainbiking » Clemens Kaudela Talks Audi Nines 2018

Clemens Kaudela Talks Audi Nines 2018

Clemens Kaudela played a big part in The Audi Nines 2018 event. As one of the course builders, he created spectacular Slopestyle and Freeride lines, then competed in the contest and sent it just as big
We caught up with C-Dog to get his thoughts on the event and more…

Playing a huge part and sending it just a big, we interview Clemens Kaudela about The Audi Nines Freeride and Slopestyle Mountain Bike event.

Take us through the build process at the new Audi Nines venue?
We took some time to look at the venue, get some impressions if it, feel it and see the possibilities, then we came up with some ideas for the Freeride line mainly. We had to adapt a lot to the rock in the ground as not everything was dig-able, it was pretty tough but overall it was a trial and error game. There was a lot of building and changing involved, as only 100% perfection was acceptable.

Now looking at the completed product, what are your thoughts?
I have to say I was quite nervous through the whole build, I was still nervous on the first two days but by the second day I could see that all the riders were having fun. Some shredding the Slopestyle line, some shredding the Freeride line, others doing the Big Air – so that was the moment I was totally happy and I was really relieved. It worked out 100%.

Clemens Kaudela Talks Audi Nines 2018

What was it like riding through the course for the first time?
Normally I’m the tester as well but this year I asked Sam (Reynolds) if he could do most of the Guinea Pigging. Most of it worked straight away without changing anything. All the wooden ramps were set in place and we didn’t have to change anything.

What do you think of the new contest format?
It is the greatest idea of all. It is the most natural, like when you are home and you session, you throw the biggest tricks down because you feel the best and know when you’re ready. In normal contests it is the total opposite because you have to throw down, even if the weather is shit, when it is windy, when you don’t feel it, when you haven’t had enough practice. Here you can really take time and it works perfectly, you can throw down when you are really feeling it.

Interview with Freeride MTB rider Clemens Kaudela about Audi Nines 2018

Which is your favourtie feature?
I can’t really pick out one. The Freeride line us my favourite, it is high speed and also kinda technical. I also like the Big Air, it’s so good for the big bike to throw down tricks, Ive never been on a trick jump that is so good for the big bike.

Take us through your bike setup for Audi Nines?
I changed a bit, I got a custom spring for my shock, which is way harder than the standard ones. I also got some upgrades to my forks to make them extra progressive. Other than that, I run super high tire pressure so I get the speed and if I land sideways the tire doesn’t come off.

Clemens Kaudela riding the Audi Nines Freeride line
Meet Freeride MTB rider, Clemens Kaudela

Take us through your perfect Audi Nines line?
For me personally I planned to do a Flat-spin on the dirt-to-dirt. That was my dream trick in my line and I managed to do that. That’s what I had planned and I accomplished it.

Which riders impressed you the most?
Lukas Schäfer, cause I’ve never hung out with him really and I never knew he was that good at Slopestyle, it’s amazing. Sam (Reylnolds) is always good but here he is just so good, I couldn’t believe it. Also Pilgrim, he just put down a Slopestyle line and I was like, wow. David Godziek changed from BMX to Mountain Bike and few months ago and now he stomped a Quadruple Whip, it’s crazy.


Photos by Florian Breitenberger an Klaus Polzer.

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