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Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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Champions in 2017 Billabong Junior Series Crowned

The 20th annual surfing champions in the Billabong Junior Series were crowned at Seal Point in Cape St Francis over the weekend after the fourth and final event in 2017 series was completed in highly contestable 1 – 1.5 metre waves and glassy conditions.

Jake Elkington surfing his way to a series victory at the Billabong Junior Series
Jake Elkington

Jake Elkington and Sophie Bell clinched the premier U18 boys and girls Billabong Junior Series titles which earned them each a coveted trip to the tropical surfing paradise of Bali thanks to All Aboard Travel. The same pair also topped the WSL Africa Junior regional rankings lists and are the 2017 WSL Africa Junior champions.

The U16 boys and girls series titles were won by Angelo Faulkner and Tayla de Coning despite neither of them winning any of the four events. Ceara Knight and Daniel Emslie each secured two event victories on their way to the U14 girls and boys series titles while Kyra Bennie, the U12 boys series champion, won three of the four events in 2017

Ford Van Jaarsveld surfin this way to victory at the 2017 Billabong Junior Series
Ford van Jaarsveld

The seven finals run at Seal Point on Sunday produced phenomenal surfing with Ford van Jaarsveldt capturing his first WSL Junior Qualifying Series mens event victory after defeating Calvin Goor. The lanky 18-year-old Capetonian posted a near perfect score of 9.0 out of ten plus three rides in the seven point range, the best of which was a 7.87, and his heat total of 16.87 left Goor still needing a 9.76 when time ran out.

Former Jeffreys Bay local Kai Woolf, now competing under the New Zealand flag, won both the JQS U18 women’s event and the U16 girls division, delivering heat totals in the mid-teens in both finals. Woolf finished ahead of Taghiti Gericke in the one-on-one JQS final while Olivia Izzard, Summer Sutton and Tayla de Coning challenged her throughout the U16 final.

Summer Sutton surfing in the 2017 Billabong Junior Series
Summer Sutton

Visiting French teenager George Pittar won the U16 boys title, relegating last year’s U14 boys winner Tide Lee Ireland to the runner-up spot while Luke Thompson and Zoe Steyn dominated the U14 boys and girls finals respectively.

Brazilian Ryan Kanailo was outstanding in the U12 boys final, earning a near perfect heat total of 18.70 out of 20 that left all three of his opponents needing to replace both their highest scoring rides in order to overtake him.

The anticipated VonZipper Air Show was staged after the finals and provided Calvin Goor with the chance to shine as he clinched the R2,000 winner-takes-all  prize purse for landing the best aerial manoeuvre.

Calvin Goor winning the VonZipper Air Show
Calvin Goor

2017 Final Series Rankings

 U18 Boys  
1st Jake Elkington
2nd Ford van Jaarsveldt
3rd Max Elkington

 U18 Girls
1st Sophie Bell
2nd Summer Sutton
3rd Kayla Nogueira

U16 Boys  
1st Angelo Faulkner
2nd Saxton Randall
3rd York van Jaarsveldt

U16 Girls 
1st Tayla de Coning
2nd Kayla Nogueira
3rd Summer Sutton

U14 Boys     
1st Daniel Emslie
2nd Mitch du Preez
3rd Luke Thompson

U14 Girls
1st Ceara Knight
2nd Zoe Steyn
3rd Caroline Brown

U12 Boys 
1st Kyra Bennie
2nd C-Jay Posthumus
3rd Kai Hall

Billabong Junior Series Seal Point Final Results

U/18 Boys 
1st Ford Van Jaarsveld
2nd Calvin Goor
=3rd Luke Malherbe
=3rd Mitch du Preez

U/18 Girls
1st Kai Woolf
2nd Taghiti Gericke
=3rd Summer Sutton
=3rd Tayla de Coning

U/16 Boys
1st George Pittar
2nd Tide Lee Ireland
3rd Ryan Lightfoot
4th Angelo Faulkner

U/16 Girls  
1st Kai Woolf
2nd Olivia Izzard
3rd Summer Sutton
4th Tayla de Coning

U/14 Boys   
1st Luke Thompson
2nd Mitch du Preez
3rd Daniel Emslie
4th Nate Spalding

U/14 Girls   
1st Zoe Steyn
2nd Lhea Johnston
3rd Caroline Brown
4th Jesse Powell

U/12 Boys
1st Ryan Kainalo
2nd Kai Hall
3rd Kyra Bennie
4th Nathan Plomaritis

Photos by Ian Thurtell and Kody McGregor.

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