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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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Bittereinder Dans Tot Die Dood Interview

Dans Tot Die Dood is the fourth album released by Bittereinder. Completed over three month and produced by the band themselves.
We caught up with the band to chat about the new album, which is now available on iTunes.

We interview Bittereinder about their Dans Tot Die Dood album
How would you best sum up your 2015 year so far?
A year of higher ground, of larger campaigns, of louder music and less boundaries.

How long have you been working on your new album Dans Tot Die Dood?
We gave it three months of really concentrated work, as opposed to the very sporadic work we did on all three previous albums.

What does Dans Tot Die Dood mean to you as a band and how was it decided as the name of the new album?
The album is essentially about how dance is the best counterargument for mortality that humans have thought of so far. By dancing, you prove to yourself and those around you that you are alive.

Bittereinder Dans Tot Die Dood Interview
Where did you draw you inspiration from for the new songs featured on Dans Tot Die Dood?
[Laughs] This infamous question. White suburban boys obsessed with minor chords and rap music are bound to end up thinking about death somewhere in their 30s. This is that album.

What can Bittereinder fans expect from the new album?
Lots of dink, lots of dans, lots of humour, lots of conscious rap, lots of synthesizers, lots of drums.

How many tracks are on the new album?
Seeing as each track is timeless, there’s no real way of numbering these bad boys.

Bittereinder talks South African Music and their new album
Of those tracks which are your favourite?
It changes for the three of us, but at this stage we have no un-favourites.

You have already released your first single off the album, Hartseer Gangster. How has the response been to the song and music video?
So far, really really good. We were actually expecting a lot more hater-vibes, surprised at how little of that there’s been.

What will the next released single be?
We’re still deciding, possibly a track called “Die Mes”, or possibly “The Flood”.

Can we expect an album launch tour from you?
Definitely! We’ll be hitting all our regular SA stops before the end of the year, keep an eye on our Facebook Page for dates, and Europe again in 2016.

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