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Sunday , 25 August 2019
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Alex Coleborn Talks Ultimate X 2016

UK’s Alex Coleborn is currently touring South Africa as part of the MiTH Tour and will be competing at Ultimate X 2016 this Saturday (27 Feb) at GrandWest Casino in Cape Town.
We caught up with the tech BMX rider to get his thoughts on coming to SA and what we can expect from him.

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Meet UK BMX rider Alex Coleborn who's out in South Africa for Ultimate X 2016
This is your first time coming to South Africa. What are your expectations and what are you hoping to experience?
I’ve wanted to come to South Africa for so long now and have never got round to it. So now that I’m here I’m super stoked, defiantly want to go on some safaris and check out the scenery!

How much do you know about Ultimate X and what are your thoughts on the event?
I’ve seen a few clips from last year and it looked sick, so I’m looking forward to the event.

You have a stack of achievements under your belt, what are some of your highlights of your career?
I’d say winning FISE Spine Mini after breaking my hip was a massive achievement as it took so long to come back from that one! Also edits. When you put so much work into filming and you get a good response back from it, it’s awesome!

We interview Alex Coleborn about competing at the Ultimate X BMX contest
What does the sport of BMX mean to you?
BMX is sick, it’s a lifestyle. I get to travel all over the world, which is pretty rad!

What are your goals for Ultimate X?
My goals for Ultimate are to just stay on my bike and have a good time!

What goes through your mind when you’re riding and competing?
Riding is sick, you get to just shut off from the world and nothing else matters at that moment in time! Contests are rad too because you have 1 or 2 runs to do all of your best stuff and when you pull it all, it’s the best feeling!

We interview Alex Coleborn about his BMX career and touring South Africa
Do you know any of the other competitors and if so, who do you think will be your main competition?
There is quite a few people coming out to the contest so it’s going to be a good show! I’m on a trip with Kevin Peraza at the moment, he’ll definitely be a good competitor.

What can fans expect from you and your riding style at Ultimate X?
I guess just a little bit of everything, but probably more tech!

What style of course suits you best and what features are your favourite to ride?
Definitely more of a tech one I prefer. That’s the type of riding I’m into, a good sub box and volcano makes a good course I think.

Know as one of the most tech BMX riders, Alex Coleborn
What will a win at Ultimate X mean to you?
I would be stoked if I took the win, there’s going to be a sick bunch of riders here so would be rad!

Any words for your fans that will be out supporting?
Yeah, shout out to them for coming to watch the show, and I hope they enjoy it.

Photos by Lee Martin, Andreas Mahaupt and Shay Williams

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