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Sunday , 13 October 2019
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2018 SA Motocross Nationals Terra Topia Race Report

Round 4 of the 2018 TRP Distributors SA Motocross National Championship headed to Terra Topia in Johannesburg and continued the battle national championship honours. The well prepped track, with some added changes, roughed out during the day and tested the rider’s physical and mental fitness.

Race Report from Round 4 of the 2018 TRP Distributors SA Motocross National Championship from Terra Topia

The MX1 Class proved to be the most exciting of the day with heated battles in both races. In Heat 1, David Goosen got out in front and put in some god laps before an issue with his throttle saw him drop back to 6th place. Caleb Tennant, undoubtedly the fastest man on the track, made his way into 1st place to take the win. Anthony Raynard followed in 2nd with Jayden Ashwell in 3rd.

Motocross action at its best at the Terra Topia NationalDavid Goosen leading the pack

Tennant looked great out the gate in Heat 2 but dropped it in the second corner. He remounted and put down an impressive charge from last place to cross the line in 6th. Goosen grabbed the holeshot and lead for most of the race until he had pressure from Tristan Purdon in the closing laps of the race. Swapping positions through the last two laps, Goosen managed to hold onto the lead with Purdon finishing in 2nd. Raynard took the 3rd place position.
Overall David Goosen came out n top with his 6-1 finish. Anthony Raynard took home 2nd with his 2-3 and Caleb Tennant finished in 3rd with his 1-6, and still hangs onto the championship plate.

MX action at its best at the Terra Topia NationalThe epic battle between David Goosen and Tristan Purdon

MX2 was dominated by the Husqvarna team riders of Caleb Tennant and Maddy Malan. Both riders shared the top two podium positions and swapped 1st and 2nd in the two race heats, Malan taking Heat 1 and Tennant taking Heat 2. Kerim Fitz-Gerald managed to hold off the hard charging David Goosen, Anthony Raynard and Slade Smith to take 3rd place in both races.
The overall result saw Caleb Tennant take victory with his 2-1, Maddy Mallan followed in 2nd with 1-2 and Kerim Fitz-Gerald finishing in 3rd with 3-3. Tennant also holds onto the championship plate in MX2

Caleb Tannant taking the win in the MX 2 classCaleb Tennant

Ian Topliss went on to win both heats in the MX3 Class followed closely Dewald van der Berg. Brett Bircher battled this weekend and after a 3rd in the first heat only managed a 7th in the second. This allowed Leonard Petersen a chance to get onto the podium with a 4th and a 3rd in each heat for 3rd overall.

Ian Topliss taking the win in the MX3 class at the Motocross NationalsIan Topliss

In the highly competitive 125cc High School Class, Cameron Durow put down a master-class by taking a double win. Justin Sangster finished 2nd and Dalton Venter followed in 3rd.

Cameron Durow taking the win in the 125cc High School class at the Motocross NationalsCameron Durow

Looking for redemption after the Bloem round, Kayla Raaff did exactly that and went on to take the win in the Ladies Class. Leah Heygate finished in 2nd place with Yanke Pieterse back on the podium in 3rd.

Kayla Raaff racing her way to victory at the Motocross NationalsKayla Raaff

The Pro Mini Class saw a double win for Jonathan Mlimi followed by Mark Anthony and Blake Young whom both swapped out the available 2nd’s and 3rd’s.Jonathan Mlimi

Jonathan Mlimi taking the win in the Pro Mini class at the MX Nationals

In the 85cc Juniors Luke Grundy took the overall spoils for his 2nd and 1st in the two Heats. He was pushed in both heats with Emmanuel Bako who finished in 2nd with Wesley McGavin following in 3rd.

65cc was a tough affair as always and despite KTM and Husqvarnna dominance in this class in the past, big news came in the form of Luca Mynhardt who gave Yamaha their first podium in the second Heat with a credible 3rd. He would also finish 3rd overall behind the two most aggressive riders on the day, Emmanuel Bako and Barend Du Toit who would finish 1st and 2nd overall respectively.

The 50cc Class saw wins from both Andrea Mynhardt and Jack Pullen, with the latter eventually topping the overall podium and Mynhardt dropping to 3rd. A 2nd and 3rd in the two races from Louis Mostert saw take 2nd overall.

2018 SA Motocross Nationals Terra Topia Results

1st David Goosen
2nd Anthony Raynard
3rd Caleb Tennant
4th Tristan Purdon
5th Jayden Ashwell
6th Kerim Fitz-Gerald
7th Ross Branch
8th Maddy Malan
9th Nicholas Adams
10th Joshua Mlimi

1st Caleb Tennant
2nd Maddy Malan
3rd Kerim Fitz-Gerald
4th David Goosen
5th Tristan Purdon
6th Joshua Mlimi
7th Anthony Raynard
8th Ricky Raaff
9th Bradley Cox
10th Cameron Durrow

1st Ian Topliss
2nd Dewald van der Berg
3rd Leonard Peterson

1st Kayla Raaff
2nd Leah Heygate
3rd Yanke Pieterse

125cc High School
1st Cameron Durow
2nd Justin Sangster
3rd Dalton Venter

Pro Mini
1st Jonathan Mlimi
2nd Mark-Anthony Filip
3rd Blake Young

85cc Juniors
1st Luke John Grundy
2nd Emmanuel Bako
3rd Wesley McGavin

65cc – Overall
1st Emmanuel Bako
2nd Barend Du Toit
3rd Lucca Mynhardt

50cc – Overall
1st Jack Pullen
2nd Louis Mostert
3rd Andrea Mynhardt

Photos by Eric Palmer.

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