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2012 National MX Champs – Anthony Raynard

In anticipation of the upcoming Round Three of the WOMZA/Full Throttle National Motocross Championship happening this weekend in Cape Town, we caught up with top competitor challenging in the Pro MX1 and MX2 class, Anthony Raynard. One of SA’s best riders chats about his prep for the race in his hometown, his predictions for the AMA Outdoors and whether chicks really dig guys with bikes…

Full Name: Anthony Raynard

Nickname: Ace

Age: 22

Years riding: 12 years

Sponsors: Portable Shade, Honda South Africa, Fly Racing, Airoh Helmets, Leatt Brace, Novik Gloves, Pelotrain Athlete Excellence, Virgin Active, C1RCA Shoes, Paul’s Specialized Products, Tim Bosson Engineering, FCR Suspension, DirtRider Motorcycles, Pulse Racing Products, GO Products, Liqui Moly Lubricants

Injuries: Broken collarbone and a few concussions

Machine of Choice: Honda CRF250R + CRF450R


How did you get into motocross?

Family friends introduced us to the sport and I loved it from the start.

Tell us about your very first race from start to finish.

I remember being nervous but excited on the starting line but had a fun race, battling at the back of the field. Can’t remember where I finished but I got a trophy and that’s all that counted.

Whose career would you like to emulate?

Chad Reed

What pushes you to the finish when you’re mentally and physically tired?

Knowing that all my sponsors put everything into me and I must represent and give it my all on the track.

How often do you ride and train?

Ride between two-four days a week and train six days a week.

What does it take to race in the Pro division?

[You have] to be 100% committed and dedicated [and willing] to put in all your effort and lay your balls on the line! Ha-ha!

How do you celebrate after a race?

With a good night out on the town with my mates.

How has the motocross and alternative sports scene changed since you first started. How would you like to see it progress? When I started there were huge brands/sponsors involved in the sport and I think for the sport to grow we need them back in the game.

How have you prepped for the upcoming National happening in your home town this weekend?

By spending time on my bikes and putting in the physical training.

Do you think you are at a disadvantage living in CT with less MX tracks to practice on?

I don’t think so. I put in a lot of effort on our tracks getting ready for nationals.

Who will be you main competition this weekend?

Kerim and Richie.

Where are you expecting to finish?

The top step of the podium.

What are you goals for the rest of the season?

To get good results at all the remaining Nationals and challenge for the Championship.

What your take on the whole WOMSA / MSA vibe?

I try focus on riding and not all the politics. But yes we racing WOMSA and its good!

Best feeling on an MX bike is?

Being on the edge during a challenging race!

Are you planning to get yourself overseas to race? If so where and when?

I would love to get overseas, especially America. Hopefully in the next two years I will have the opportunity to go over.

Who do you predict will win the AMA Outdoors this year in both the lights and 450 classes?

Tyla Rattray and Ryan Villopoto.

Chicks dig guys with mx bikes. True or false.


2012 WOMZA National Motocross Championship


Date: 28 April 2012

Venue: Melkbos 4×4 MX Track, R27 West Coast Rd, Cape Town.

Entry: R30.00

Top motocross riders from all over South Africa will descend upon Cape Town on this weekend to compete in Round Three of the WOMZA/Full Throttle National Championship. The event, which is taking place at the Melkbos 4×4 motocross track, promises enthusiasts some of the most extreme racing yet seen on a local track. Facilities on the day include various stalls, bar facilities, food, music, ample parking and spectator viewing decks.

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