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We’ve got the hottest wakeboarding action for you at LW Mag – SA’s top online magazine for extreme sport news, interviews, reviews and entertainment.

Wakeboarding with Melissa Colborne

Melissa Colborne wakeboarding video

Melissa Colborne is regarded as one of the top local female cable wakeboarders in the country. She recently spent a day at her local Cable park in Cape Town with Chris Rodgers gathering some epic GoPro footage. Watch her shred Blue Rock Cable Park in this final edit. Wakeboarding at its best…

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Urban Wakeboarding in Cape Town

Urban Wakeboarding a reality in Cape Town

Urban Wakeboarding? Yes it’s a reality thanks to Andrew Bourne and friends (Tim Gray, Chris Rogers and Jason Finch) who setup a killer urban Wakeboaridng display recently in Constantia, Cape Town – the result, pure awesome! The spontaneous display setup included a slider and kicker placed in the body of water (a knee-deep pond found in Constantia), and a high ...

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Game of S.K.A.T.E with a Twist Video and Interview

Game of Skate with a twist featuring Skateboarding and Wakeboarding

Watch as Matti Buys and Jean-marc Johannes test their Wakeskating and Skateboarding skills against each other in this first ever and original version of Game of S.K.A.T.E. We also interview the athletes about the unique experience. The basics of Game of S.K.A.T.E: The winner of each round sets the trick for the next round until they bail, then the initiative ...

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GoPro laps with Jason Colborne and Jordan Darwin

Jason Colborne and Jordan Darwin shredding at their local Wakeboarding spot

Spanish Wakeboarder Jordan Darwin was out in South Africa earlier this year and spent some time shredding the local Wakeboarding spots with Jason Colborne. Jason finally had some time to edit the GoPro footage they collected and put together this killer edit.

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Cameron Graham CWC Round 2.0 Video

Cameron Graham killing it in his lates wakeboarding edit

South African wakeboarder Cameron Graham is currently living in the Philippines and has been and killing it at the CWC Wake Park. This edit shows Cameron sessioning what is considered one of the best cable Wakeboarding parks in the world and he thrown down! cwc round 2.0 from Cameron Graham on Vimeo.

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