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Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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Ultimate Ears Winter Whip Champions Crowned

The Ultimate Ears Winter Whip Snowboard and Ski Jam, took place on Saturday, 5 August 2017 at Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho. The event, which is organised annually by LW Mag, brings together Snowboarders and Skiers from all around South Africa and Lesotho to compete and promote snow sports on the continent. This year’s event also saw a riders from the United States, Canada, Denmark, Scotland and Ireland participating.

Preping the Kapoko Park at Afriski for Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017

The Kapoko Park crew did an outstanding job creating the Winter Whip slopestyle course, consisting of a mix of rail, stair and box features before heading into the final two kicker platforms. The course provided fun and technical options for the competitors, allowing progressive runs throughout the jam style contest.

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 a success

The Pro Men division was exciting as ever with the division’s top scorers throwing down massive tricks and technical rail riding. The battle for 2nd place was a close call between last year’s winner, Andrew Le Roux and Luke Dutton. Andrew Le Roux was technically very good but wasn’t as consistent as Luke. He did land big tricks like the Cab 540 and Switch Back 360 but went down hard on his last run going for the Front 720, seeing him finish in 3rd. Luke Dutton included very few Switch tricks but he did land a Front 720, solid Front 360’s and Back 180’s, and was technical on the rail sections to claim the 2nd place spot. Liam Roy was a class above the rest, killing it on every feature and with the biggest spins and combos of the day, including a Cab 540 to Front 720 to take the 2017 title.
Roy’s win also sees him take the Club Med prize consisting of a snow holiday for two to a Club Med resort in the French Apls.

Liam Roy snowboarding his way to victory at the 2017 Ultimate Ears Winter Whip
Liam Roy

In the Ladies division we saw the biggest battle for 1st place in Winter Whip history, between Canada’s Crystal Legoffe and South Africa’s Mawa Jekot. In the end it was 3-time-winner, Mawa who edged out Crystal for the overall. Mawa consistently did spin tricks over the big jumps including Cab and Front 360’s, Cab and Front 180’s. She also did a full run in Switch, and was consistent on the rails. Crystal was hot on the heels for first place with technical rail riding and spin tricks off the kickers – 360 variations included; Front, Back, Switch Back, Cab and Hardway Front. What ultimately let her down was not hitting the big kicker line every run. Vanessa Phillips varied her runs a lot and had solid Board-Slides on the c-box and 180’s off the small kickers to claim 3rd place.
Jekot’s win also sees her take the Club Med prize consisting of a snow holiday for two to a Club Med resort in the French Apls.

Mawa Jekot winning the Ultimate Ears Winter Whip Ladies Snowboarding division
Mawa Jekot

The biggest field of the competition, the Open Men division featured progressive riding from all competitors. Kurt Lane put down solid and constant runs, scoring enough points for 3rd place. Nick Brodie pushed himself throughout the jam and made use of the whole park. His interesting lines and good rail riding saw him take home 2nd place. Kevin Hingst impressed the judges with consistent runs that saw him execute perfect rail tricks and hit the big kickers to finish ahead of the field in 1st place.

Kevin Hingst snowboarding at the 2017 Ultimate Ears Winter Whip
Kevin Hingst

The Ski division was yet again owned by Linze Veenstra, aka JTK, and his massive array of tricks. Switch Frontflips, Backflips, Front 5’s, 720’s and a crazy Backflip over the rainbow rail secured his win and title once again. Ireland’s Mikey O’Donoghue landed stylish 360’s throughout the park, including a massive Switch 360 to finish in 2nd place. 3rd place was taken by Liam Roy who’s spin tricks earned him enough points for the position.

JTK Backflipping his way to victory in the Ultimate Ears Winter Whip Skiing division

12 year old, Kyle Benade took the win in the Junior division with consistent and progressive riding. 14 year old, Blake Imbert followed in 2nd place, with thee youngest of the field, 8 year old Jordan Peyper, unfortunately crashing out in the morning practice.

Kyle Benade winning the junior division at Ultimate Ears Winter Whip
Kyle Benade

The Method Madness presented by Red Bull took place off the bottom kicker and finished off the day’s competition. A half hour jam session to see who could pull off the biggest, steeziest Method grab. In the end it was Luke Dutton a who claimed victory and took home the R5,000.00 cash prize.

Luke Duttong winning the Red Bull Method Madness
Luke Dutton

Event organiser, Ryan van der Spuy commented, “It just keeps getting better and better, and we cannot thank all those involved enough. The passion for snow sports in a country where it’s so unique shines through at this event every year. We are proud to be a part of it and to host Africa’s only slopestyle contest. We have received such great support from our sponsors this year; Ultimate EarsRed Bull, Jägermeister, Club MedNeffOgio and GoneSkiing, all of whom helped to make the 2017 Ultimate Ears Winter Whip a great success”.

Liam Roy snowboarding his way to victory at the 2017 Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 competitors

Ultimate Ears linked up over 40 of their wireless speakers, which were places all over the park and brought music to life on the slopes throughout the weekend. Jägermeister kicked off the apres ski party and celebrations went on late into the night at the Gondola Café with resident DJ Black Sparrow and a live performances from Lonehill Estate and Veladraco.

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 Results

Pro Men:
1st Liam Roy
2nd Luke Dutton
3rd Andrew Le Roux
4th Wynand Weyers
5th Wesley Schallen
6th Dean van Greunen
7th Dale Andrews
8th Kaylib Louw
9th Jonathan Rustan
10th Graham Sepatla

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 Pro Men Podium

1st Mawa Jekot
2nd Crystal Legoffe
3rd Vanessa Phillips
4th Keren Osler
5th Michelle Theron
6th Shulka Karshan

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 Ladies Podium

Open Men:
1st Kevin Hingst
2nd Nick Brodie
3rd Kurt Lane
4th Ivan McCallum
5th Alessio Lacovic
6th Chris Amoretti
7th Damian Laird
8th Jono Herbst
9th Tsoake More
10th Magnus Worm
11th Kenny Speis
12th Peter Vickers
13th Kuba Granicki
14th Davo Phillips
15th Vish Mahadeno
16th Calvin Rogers
17th Renier Runge
18th Kevin van Straaten
19th Michael Rassmann
20th Myron Cheng
21st Matthew Hardwick

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 Open Men Podium

1st Linze Veenstra
2nd Mikey O’Donoghue
3rd Liam Roy
4th Trudoux Willemse
5th Nicholas Pitt
6th Brad Hamiton
7th Christiaan Willemse
8th Michael van der Merwe
9th Alexandra Barrry
10th Justin Pitt

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 Ski Podium

1st Kyle Benade
2nd Black Imbert
3rd Jordan Peyper

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 Junior Podium

Red Bull Method Madness
Winner – Luke Dutton

Ultimate Ears Winter Whip 2017 Method Madness Podium


Photos by Jason May.

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