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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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Tattoo Artist Chelsea-Rae Marsh

Working out of The Heart Collective, we bring you Chelsea-Rae Marsh (AKA Lucky Swine) as our featured Tattoo Artist. Take a read through our interview with Chelsea as we get to know more about her, her work and her journey… 

Meet Tattoo Artist Chelsea-Rae Marsh

Full name: Chelsea-Rae Marsh

Age: 30

Shop: The Heart Collective

Years tattooing: Around 8 or 9

Tattoo style: I try to do pretty much everything.

Hourly rate: I don’t charge per hour, I charge per piece.

Chelsea-Rae Marsh features as our Tattoo Artist of the Week

Give us quick introduction to Chelsea? 
Born in Durban, moved to Joburg, stayed in Joburg. I also have a pup named Savage.

How did you get into the tattoo industry and how old were you when your journey started?
I got my first tattoo done when I was 17, before that I had never given my career much thought. I have always loved creating art and grew up listening to punk rock so I guess I was automatically attracted to tattoos and the artistic culture it is as a whole. It took me a good 3 years to find the right apprenticeship and I started when I was 21.

What does the art form of tattoos/ tattooing mean to you?
Tattoos tell stories, they are our statements to the world. It’s a way for clients and artists alike to express ourselves. The tattoo industry is its own culture, it’s a way of life.

Chelsea-Rae Marsh laying down the stencil for a new tattoo
One of Chelsea-Rae Marsh's clients ready to be tattooed

What have been some of the highlights of your career so far?
I have been privileged enough to have worked in some amazing shops with some incredible artists. I’ve been able to meet some really awesome humans and it’s all because of what I do. We need to stay humble and never stop learning. I love my job. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!

Where do you see yourself in your career in 10 years time?
I haven’t really thought about where I will be in ten years time [laughs]. If I am not on some super crazy, amazing world mission, I will still be pumped to be making super rad art every day. I’m pretty happy with where I am right now. Just make art!

When not working, what do you like to do with your downtime? 
If I’m not at the studio, which is kind of rare, I’m probably hanging with my fam and chilling with my pup, Savage.

Chelsea-Rae Marsh tattooing one of her clients
Tattoo ink collection at the The Heart Collective tattoo studio

In your opinion, who are some of the most talented artists out there?
Wow. There are so many incredible artists out there. It’s hard to say who is “most talented” because there are so many. I have always looked up to New School artists such as Timmy B (@timmy_b_413) and Andrea Raudino (@nemorph) for inspiration. Their style is unique and I feel that gives you a cut above the rest as an artist.

If you could have the opportunity to do a collaboration piece with any artist, who would it be?
I feel like everyone you’ve asked this question to, would’ve given you an “international” answer, so I’m going to go with the talented Lileen van den Berg (@lilyinksa), I love her work too.

What type of tattoos do you enjoy creating the most?
I honestly love every tattoo that I do, but I’ve always loved working with colour.

Meet our Tattoo Artist of the Week, Chelsea-Rae Marsh
Near complete hand tattoo done by Chelsea-Rae Marsh

What style of tattoos would you say you specialize in?
I don’t think any of us these days can afford to specialize in one style and nothing else. I think we need to be interested in everything. I love Illustrative and Neo Traditional styles, so it is always awesome when clients come in for something cool.

What advice would you give to someone looking to do their first big piece?
Make sure you have a face to face consultation for larger pieces. You need to gel well because you will be spending lots of time with your artist. Tattoos are forever. Make sure you’ve seen your artists portfolio!

For anyone wanting to book an appointment with you, what’s the next step? 
They can follow and message myself or the studio anytime.
Here’s some links to look at:
Facebook Artist Page:
Facebook Studio Page:
Instagram Artist Page: @chelsealuckyswine
Instagram Studio Page: @theheartcollectivesa 

Tattoo artist interview with Chelsea-Rae Marsh working our of The Heart Collective

The Heart Collective
Contact: 081 870 8012
Address: 600 Louis Botha Avenue, Bramley, Johannesburg.

Tattoos by Chelsea-Rae

A selection of tattoos done by Chelsea-Rae Marsh
Tattoos created by Chelsea-Rae Marsh
Juts some of the tattoos done by Chelsea-Rae Marsh

Photos by Supafly Design & Media.

Photo Gallery:

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