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Saturday , 18 January 2020
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Tag Archives: cleavage

LW Babe of the Week – Carla!

Meet this week’s LW Babe Carla. A model from the south of JHB who is into dancing, sports and doesn’t mind playing a bit of Playstation and Xbox with the guys. Her idea of a good time is a chilled evening with DVD’s and some wine even though she is a self admitted party animal We like your style Carla and after looking at your photos, we wouldn’t mind taking you up on a game of pool – oh...wait, are those just belts covering your sexy body We’re pretty sure guys and even some girls will be offering you a lot more tequila now after reading your interview

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Babe of the Week – Genevieve

This week’s Babe, the sexy Genevieve is a fitness fanatic that’s yet to be swept off her feet. We’re sure we know a few okes who’ll oblige. Check out her pics…

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Babe of the Week – Simone

The last time we featured this week's Babe she was gorgeous, and a year later, well, she's just as gorgeous. Good to see some things don't change! If you haven't yet been introduced to the sexy and sultry Simone - here's your chance...

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