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Wednesday , 20 October 2021
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Home » Sports » BMX » Sun City Alive with Action Sports – ULT.X 2019

Sun City Alive with Action Sports – ULT.X 2019

The Cabanas Hotel lawns at Sun City were alive with Action Sports as the 2019 instalment of the ULT.X Action Sports Festival took place from 15- 17 March. A host of top local Skateboarders battled it out in the skate plaza, while a contingency of BMX riders competed for top honours on the tightly built park course.

BMX Action at its best at the 2019 ULT.X Action Sports Festival at Sun City

The BMX contest saw a huge line-up of riders from almost every continent, featuring some of the world’s best. The super fun but tight park setup forced riders to think out the box and focus on catching transitions as smooth as possible, as there was not much space for pedalling in between the ramps.

Vincent Leygonie winning the Local Hero award in the BMX category at Ult.X 2019Vincent Leygonie

It was an awesome display of some of the best park riding ever seen on African soil. The likes of Drew Bezanson, Murray Loubser, Alex Coleborn, Tristan Aarts, Brock Horneman, Vincent Leygonie, Mike Varga and Ben Wallace were in the mix with jaw-dropping tricks in their runs but it wasn’t enough to contend for the podium. The podium did see a Monster Energy athlete clean sweep in the form of:

Kevin Peraza in 3rd place. With the most original lines of the contest and the wildest tricks, it was a treat to watch Peraza session the course. Thrown into the mix were 270 Downside Whip Drop-Ins, a host Nose Bonk combos, and the crowd pleasing Superman Seatgrabs and 360 Whip to Tables.
Kevin Peraza finishing in 3rd place in the BMX contest at Ult.X 2019Kevin Peraza

Bryce Tryon in 2nd place. A rider that is climbing higher in the ranks with every event he competes in. On a contest destroying war-path, Tryon gelled well with the course using it to his full advantage and pulling off stylish Transfers and Alley-Oops. Lacing runs packed with tricks and adding in Barspins where they were seemingly impossible, the runner-up podium position was well deserved.
Bryce Tryon finishing in 2nd place in the BMX contest at Ult.X 2019Bryce Tryon

Pat Casey in 1st Place. Annihilating the entire setup with a winning run that stood out from the rest. Casey’s runs were packed with variation and burly tricks, including crazy looking Frontflip Flairs, that saw him claim the 2019 ULT.X Title.
Pat Casey finishing in 1st place in the BMX contest at Ult.X 2019Pat Casey

The BMX Best Trick contest saw a jam-packed, full-of-the-biggest-tricks, jam session take to the park. Drew Bezanson’s Ice Pick to the top of the fence above the Quarter Wallride was just mental, but it was Max Orsini who pulled, after numerous attempts, a clean Wallride to Bikeflip to take the win.
Drew Bezanson's insane Ice Pick at the Ultimate X BMX Best TrickDrew Bezanson

ULT.X 2019 BMX Results

1st Pat Casey
2nd Bryce Tryon
3rd Kevin Peraza
Best Trick – Max Orsini (Wallride Bikeflip)
Local Hero Award – Vincent Leygonie

ULTX 2019 BMX Podium

The Skateboarding contest was hotly contested with the country’s best battling it out in the obstacle filled skate plaza.

Braxton Haine put it all together when it counted with runs that impressed the judges enough to take the 2019 Ult.X Title.
Braxton Haine taking 1st place at the Ult.X 2019 Skateboarding contestBraxton Haine

Khule Ngubane followed closely behind in 2nd place with Brandon Valjalo finishing in 3rd.
Khule Ngubane taking 2nd place at the Ult.X 2019 Skateboarding contestKhule Ngubane
Brandon Valjalo taking 3rd place at the Ult.X 2019 Skateboarding contestBrandon Valjalo

It was great to see Simon Stipcich back in action and his Nollie Flip Frontboard saw him take the Skate Best Trick win.
Simon Stipcich winning the Skate Best Trick at ULTX 2019Simon Stipcich

ULT.X 2019 Skate Results

1st Braxton Haine
2nd Brandon Valjalo
3rd Khule Ngubane
Best Trick – Simon Stipcich (Nollie Flip Frontboard)

ULTX 2019 Skateboarding Podium

ULT.X 2019 was capped off with a brilliant performance by none other than SA’s Afrikaans superstar rapper, Jack Parow.

Jack Parow performing at Ultimate X 2019

Photos by Eric Palmer and Grant Mclachlan.

Photo Gallery:

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