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Sunday , 13 October 2019
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SEND-IT Bike Box Review

We have found the most convenient, easy and lightest way to travel with a bike – Introducing the SEND-IT Bike Box.
Having recently traveled to the DarkFEST Freeride Mountain Bike event in Cape Town we had the opportunity to test out and put one of these cleverly constructed boxes through its paces, with the results being more than welcoming.

Now, you might be asking yourself – why not just get a bike box from a local dealer and use it for travel? – this is an option, but, it doesn’t nearly compare to the protection, build quality, customisability, in-box components (bags and straps) that feature with a SEND-IT Bike Box.

The flat packed SEND-IT Bike Box ready to be assembles and packed
Time to pack the Mountain Bike into the SEND-IT Bike Box for travel

When travelling with bikes decisions and debate around weight vs protection vs price are common place – SEND-IT Bike Box settles this once and for all. The best part is, they are affordable, lightweight, strong, collapsible for easy storage and made from recycled and recyclable products.

MTB bike packed in the SEND-IT Bike Box and ready for transit
The SEND-IT Bike Box packed and ready to travel

To add more brilliance to this already brilliant product – all parts can be purchased separately if needed. A complete SEND-IT Bike Box includes; the Bike Box, BB Protection Block, Handlebar Bag, Pedal Bag, Rear Derailleur Bag, Wheel Bags and Straps. This means that after multiple trips, if the box or any component of the box is damaged, you can just replace the box, any of the bags or straps if need be.

SEND-IT Bike Box landed in Cape Town in perfect condition
The SEND-IT Bike Box is the perfect companion for Mountain Bike travel

The box itself is compact, which made life easier while transporting and traveling. Made from high quality fibreboard, the double walled box offers maximum protection during transit. The box with all its in-box components weighs in at 5.5Kgs – considerably lighter than most other available products.

Key features of the SEND-IT Bike Box

Packing your bike is a breeze and the perfectly positioned straps hold the bike and components firmly into place, so that nothing shuffles around during transit. After returning from Cape Town our bike is in one piece and perfect condition, and the box flat-packed away ready to be used on the next adventure.
The SEND-IT Bike Box was pleasure to travel with and is as easy as – Pack. Fly. Ride.

The complete SEND-IT Bike Box retails for R1795.00, with the replacement box relating for R545.00.

Visit the SEND-IT Bike Box website for more info and detailed How-to-Pack tutorial –
Also visit the online store to order your box today – STORE.

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