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Saturday , 23 February 2019
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Secrets World Tour – South Africa Leg Interview

American Post-Harcore / Rock band, Secrets will be in South Africa this April as part of their World Tour in support of their newly released self-titled album.
Vocalist Richard Rogers talks to us about the upcoming tour, what we can expect and more.

We interview Richard Rogers from Secrets about their upcoming South African leg of their World Tour

Give our readers a quick introduction to each band member?
Richard Rogers: vocals and guitar. Wade Walters: vocals. Connor Brannigan: Guitar, Bass and programming.

What are you looking forward to most when touring South Africa this April?
I hear you have amazing beer and amazing scenery, but the shows are what I’m looking forward to most.

What comes to mind when you think of South Africa?
Cape Town, Johannesburg, Wild Coast and District 9.

Secrets World Tour posts for the South Africa stops

What are you expecting/ hoping to experience while here?
I’m expecting to see a lot of wild animals. I am also hoping that I see a lot of wild animals.

How much do you know about your opening act, Facing the Gallows?
Not much, but I’m very excited to see them perform and hopefully hang and have a few beers. From what I’ve listened to they really bring the heavy.

What can South African fans expect from you during your shows?
Everything. We’re not flying all the way across the world to give nothing less.

We interview American Post-Hardcore band, Secrets about their upcoming tour to South Africa

In 5 words, how would you best explain your set?
Sad, happy, mad, crazy, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

How would you like your fans to interact with you while performing?
We want people to come to our shows as an escape from everyday life. If that means they need to dance, crowd surf, head-bang or just sit in the back at the bar then so be it, but we always encourage people to let loose, move in, jump around and have fun. We usually give very specific direction during the show.

What have been some of the highlights of Secrets’ career?
I’m so proud of so much that this band has accomplished, but I think the biggest one is this record and this tour so far. We have never been so honest with our music and we have the opportunity to visit so many amazing countries, South Africa being a giant accomplishment. The thing that makes all of this so special is that it was pretty much all DIY.

If you could performs at any music festival, which would it be an why?
Reading and Leads. I’ve always been very intrigued with those festivals for some reason.

Lastly, any shout-outs for your South African fans?
We cannot wait to meet all of you and we are so fortunate to get to visit your beautiful country.

Secrets World Tour – South Africa Dates

Friday 13th April – Arcade Empire, Pretoria.
Saturday 14th April – Sundowners, Johannesburg.
Saturday 21st April – Mercury Live, Cape Town.

Tickets are available from R170 – R190 here, and R250 at the door.

Secrets South Africa Tour dates and venues

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