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Monday , 18 November 2019
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Home » Sports » Sea Harvest South African Junior Surfing Championships – Final Day

Sea Harvest South African Junior Surfing Championships – Final Day

A balmy morning and great waves greeted the surfers assembled for the final day of the Sea Harvest SA Junior Surfing Championships at Lower Point in JBay. With the constant threat of Armageddon by rain, the surfing got underway with some massive semi-final heats on the schedule. The surfers were going all-in to make the finals, and there were so many clutch moments, with competitors determined to scoop final scores and advance, with individual titles on the cards as well as the President’s Cup team trophy.

Levi Kolnick surfing in the 2019 Sea Harvest South African Junior Surfing ChampionshipsLevi Kolnick – Best Male Surfer

In The U12 Girls it was Anastasia Venter who took it with some great surfing from Gabi Herbst and Louise Lepront, with Meka Loots in 4th.

The U12 Boys final was an explosive affair, with Cooper Smith surfing exceptionally for the win against Levi Kolnik and Gordon Falangile, with Ryan Schoon in 4th.

In the U14 Girls Gemma Hannafey surfed to victory, snatching the win from Sarah Scott and Mayah Potgieter. Scarlett Van Jaarsveldt was th.

Nate Colby had brilliant form throughout the contest, and his U14 Boys victory was well deserved. River Gericke was in 2nd place and Joel Dace came in 3rd, with Connor Slijpen in 4th.

Nate Colby surfing in the 2019 Sea Harvest South African Junior Surfing ChampionshipsNate Colby

Zoe Steyn was the winner in the U16 Girls, and in a tense final it was Kayla Nogueira who sneaked into 2nd in the dying seconds of the final, jumping just ahead of Ceara Knight. Katie Winter came 4th.

Daniel Emslie was on fire in the U16 Boys final, and banked two great scores in the first few minutes of the heat. He was closely followed by Mitch Du Preez who came 2nd, ahead of Brad Scott in 3rd and Christan Venter in 4th.

Mitch Du Preez surfing in the 2019 Sea Harvest South African Junior Surfing ChampionshipsMitch Du Preez

Tayla De Coning won the U18 Girls from Gabi Lailvaux, with Caroline Brown and Summer Sutton in the minor positions.

The U18 Boy final was an action packed affair, with Bryce Du Preez taking an early lead. Karl Steen fought back hard and banked a massive opening score for a long ride almost to the sand. He caught another good looking wave towards the end of the final but it wasn’t enough and Du Preez won the final from Steen, with Angelo Faulkner in 3rd and Eli Beukes in 4th.

Sea Harvest SA Junior Surfing Championships Results

U12 Girls
1st Anastasia Venter (Cape Winelands)
2nd Gabi Herbst (eThekweni Surfriders)
3rd Louise Lepront (UGU Surfriders)
4th Meka Loots (Buffalo City Surfriders)

U12 Boys
1st Cooper Smith (Ilembe Surfriders)
2nd Levi Kolnik (Cape Town Surfriders)
3rd Gordon Falangile (Academy)
4th Ryan Schoon (Cape Town Surfriders)

U14 Girls
1st Gemma Hannafey (Buffalo City Surfriders)
2nd Sarah Scott (Cape Town Surfriders)
3rd Mayah Potgieter (Ilembe Surfriders)
4th Scarlette Van Jaarsvedlt (Cape Town Surfriders)

U14 Boys
1st Nate Colby (eThekweni Surfriders)
2nd River Gericke (Eden)
3rd Joel Dace Nelson (Mandela Bay Surfriders)
4th Connor Slijpen (Cape Town Surfriders)

U16 Girls
1st Zoe Steyn (Buffalo City Surfriders)
2nd Kayla Nogueira (eThekweni Surfriders)
3rd Ceara Knight (Cape Town Surfriders)
4th Katie Winter (Cape Town Surfriders)

U16 Boys
1st Daniel Emslie (Buffalo City Surfriders)
2nd Mitch Du Preez (Buffalo City Surfriders)
3rd Brad Scott (Cape Town Surfriders)
4th Christian Venter (Cape Winelands)

U18 Girls
1st Tayla De Coning (Buffalo City Surfriders)
2nd Gabi Lailvaux (eThekweni Surfriders)
3rd Caroline Brown (Cape Town Surfriders)
4th Summer Sutton (Cape Town Surfriders)

U18 boys
1st Bryce Du Preez (Buffalo City Surfriders)
2nd Karl Steen (eThekweni Surfriders)
3rd Angelo Faulkner (Nelson Mandela Bay Surfriders)
4th Eli Beukes (Cape Town Surfriders)

Best Male Surfer – Levi Kolnik

Best Female Surfer – Tayla de Coning

TCS Wifi Most Tech Move – Joel Dace

Loud and Proud Team Spirit Award – Ugu Surfriders

President’s Cup
1st Buffalo City Surdriders
2nd Cape Town Surfriders
3rd eThekweni Surfriders
4th Nelson Mandela Bay Surfriders
5th Cape Winelands Surfriders
6th Ugu Surfriders
7th Eden Surfriders
8th Ilembe Surfriders
9th Academy

Photos by Ian Thurtell.

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