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Wednesday , 8 July 2020
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Scooter101 Round 6 Race Report

Words by Brannigan Achadinha

Round 6 of the Scooter101 series went down this past weekend and was one to put down in the books for sure.

We left our house at 4:00am knowing that we have a lot of people coming through to race and thought we should go super early to get a decent pit space. Thinking we would be the only ones leaving that early we stopped at the garage to fill up and get some chow, only to see a convoy of bakkies and cars with trailers stocked with scooters hauling towards the highway. Seriously! 4am in the morning. We left and hooked it towards Vereeniging only to find ourselves in a cue in front of the tracks gates. Luckily enough we were only 3rd in the row. I think the Jonway guys slept there the night before.

In a few minutes people were off loaded, packed and the pits looked like a Moto GP event with all the teams setup in their personal spaces. Once again walking around the pits we saw some more insane scooter mods. It never gets old and you can never predict what the guys are going to come up with next. Most engine mods are maxed out but the custom panels and tail pieces and cosmetics are looking super fine and would turn heads at any race event! PRD, SAVA, Malossi and all the other teams bringing their “A” game not only in performance parts but to see who’s scoots look the part more than the others.

Because we had the NSF100 guys join us for the day we didn’t have time for warm-up laps and went straight into qualifying. 10min to pull the fastest laps you can to get the best grid position in heat 1. After the qualifying of Open and Stock classes were done we watched the mini motor guys and NSF100 guys while we went over our lines and pumped ourselves up for our races. Stock class Heat1 was up. This class might be slow but its defiantly the most fun. Competition is super close and all the Jonway guys showed the spectators what racings about. The top 2 riders on the Jonway C5 300’s pulled away from the pack and left the 2-strokes and 200cc 4-stroke in the dust but that didn’t stop the racing spirit. Huge battles taking place in mid pack. After all 3 heats with pretty much the same results it ended with Jaco Joubert (Doc Bikes & Scooters) in 1st, Clinton Achadinha (Scooter101, Jonway & Malossi) in 2nd Place and then Louw Du Toit (Malossi) in 3rd place.

Open class as always is the show stopper for everyone and defiantly draws the crowds to the fence and grandstands. The top grid positions were taken up by pretty much 1 rider from each team which shows how close the racing has got. SAVA on pole, Malossi in 2nd, PRD in 3rd and IRT in 4th. As the marshal check the grid positions the tension mounts and dead silence as he warns the riders to watch the lights. 2seconds and the grid roars with 2-stoke popping and 4-stroke thumping as everyone accelerates off the line into that 1st chicane.

Everyone bumping handle bars and laying on top of each other for the first few laps until the riders start to spread out a bit and then the battles begin. Battle for 1st place with Dean Wheeler and Erick Flowerday, 3rd & 4th place battle with Shannon Tarr and Jeremy Pincus not to mention the insanely chaos in mid field and the back pack, with 30 riders on the grid you can only expect that. After 3 intense heats it came down to heat 3 where Dean Wheeler took a nasty fall out of 1st place dislocating his shoulder and taking a few riders with him. This gave Erick Flowerday the lead and took the win, Cheyne Hershel on his new Gilera Runner flew past everyone from mid pack to take 2nd place and Jeremy Pincus got a solid 3rd place. For the final days standings it was in 1st place Erick Flowerday (Malossi) 2nd Jeremy Pincus (PRD) and 3rd place Justin Parker (IRT).

All I can say it was a huge day out for all and having the NSF100 guys there to show us their racing and Honda there showing off all their bikes just made the day that much better. Scooter 101 racing is growing immensely and for that I can only thank my sponsors who keep 101 on the map. So to Jonway Motorcycles our naming brand sponsor thank you for everything. Malossi performance parts, thank you for bringing colour to the track and looking after our team like true professionals. Do It Now magazine for spreading the word about Scooter 101 in your publications and Bringing the DJ to all our events. LW Mag for publishing all our reviews and events online and letting the world know about us, DC Shoes SA for making us look super styling at the track, Novik Gloves for giving us the sexiest gloves that feel amazing and work above the rest, Dragon Goggles for the sickest looking goggles that are so well priced everyone should own a pair, Bandit Signs for pimping out our scooters to look super styling and slick at all the race events, best decal company in SA and lastly to Monster Energy Drink who always bring the party to our party, who bring the noise and the vibe! Best energy drink in the world!

Without all you and of course the riders and spectators, Scooter 101 would still be racing in parking lots and known by only a hand full. Thank you all for everything and I can’t wait for the 2013 season!

After all the rounds the updated Championship points stand as:

1 95 Erick Flowerday 409
2 1 Dean Wheeler 315
3 34 Jeremy Pincus 280
4 48 Louw Du Toit 214
5 192 Shannon Tarr 146
6 36 Jim Pinder 146
7 101 Clinton Achadinha 144
8 19 Derek Macdougall 111
9 60 Justin Parker 100
10 777 Mark Phillips 83

1 48 Louw Du Toit 358
2 46 Jaco Joubert 351
3 101 Clinton Achadinha 297
4 58 Shannon Anderson 173
5 101 Brannigan Achadinha 152
6 22 Jean Gomes 106
7 67 Brendon Bekker 104
8 135 Dean Wheeler 92
9 74 Paul Raistrick 83
10 28 Ivan Breytenbach 75

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