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Ryan Durham Wakeboarding Edit

Ronix Wakeboards team rider, Ryan Durham has just dropped this awesome edit, filmed over two weekends at the Vaal River and at Stoke City Wakepark, showing his stylish and dialed Wakeboarding skills. We chatted to Ryan about the edit:

Tell us about the edit you’ve have just released. When, where, how?
The edit was done quite some time ago at the Vaal River and at Stoke City Wakepark. The filming was done from chase boats with the use of two GoPros and two HD cameras. My brother and I wanted to get an edit up after I joined the Ronix team and was only just released because we wanted some second opinions and input.

How much time did you spend filming in order to get the edit done?
The edit actually needed a lot more shots but basically was done over two weekends worth of filming and intense riding. We had a good 5 or 6 people involved in the filming and it really helped us get the edit on the way.

What part of the edit are you most proud of?
The part I am most proud of is the introduction and the shots from the chase boat. I loved the slow motion stuff like the Nose Grab, Indy Backside 180.  I also love the build up in the video and the way the music flows with the riding.

Which trick was the hardest to get right and land perfect?
The trick that was the hardest to get perfect for our shots was the Nose Grab Pete Rose. We were pretty specific to what we wanted for the shot and it took a few tries. The most devastating moment was when I had the ride of my life and thought we had it all on footage but the GoPro lens had fogged up with no salvageable footage.

How often do you get to ride?
I live pretty close to Stoke City Wake Park and end up riding there a good bit in the week.

How often do you get to ride?
I ride boat about once every two weeks and ride cable twice a week.  Whenever I have a holiday or a gap I head to the Vaal River to ride. I’m in my matric year so the wakeboarding is taking a bit of a knock.

Now with winter coming into season does your riding time decrease dramatically?
Yes, although I try to ride as much as I possibly can. My wetsuit really comes in handy. I am trying to keep fit for World Champs in August.

What do you do when you have the need to ride but it’s just too damn cold?
I would say jump trampoline and just act as if there’s a wakeboard under my feet. I also find mountain biking pretty fun and cycle a lot in the wintertime.

The Video:

Ryan Durham 2013 from Kyle Durham on Vimeo.

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