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Tuesday , 22 October 2019
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Next Big Thing – Peachy Keen

As promised last week, here is our interview with rock-a-billy sensation, Peachy Keen. The band chats to us about their EP, Backseat Bingo amongst other things (like Sailor Jerry rum, tattoos and pin up girls). Peachy Keen will be launching their EP this Friday, 11th of May at Mercury Live – so if you’re in Cape Town we recommend it – it sounds like it’s gonna be a fat jol! Entrance is only R40.00 (or R100.00 with a copy of Backseat Bingo) and doors open at 9pm.

Peachy Keen – Shot A Man Down

Band: Peachy Keen


Dominique Otto- rhythm guitar and vocals
Alex Muller – keyboard and vocals
Greg ‘The Talent’ Abrahams – lead guitar
Ryan ‘Those Sexy Days’ McArthur – stand-up bass
Brandon ‘Slim Anus’ Shore – drums

Label: Sheer Music.

Years performing: 1 and a-half years

Sounds like: Your grandpas record player covered in tattoos and wearing high heels

Sponsors: Sailor Jerry Rum, Hello Sailor Bistro, Sins of Style Tattoos.


Congrats on your EP – tell us a little about the making of and the recording process?

Thank you very much! We have been performing for a little over a year and decided it was high time to get into studio and lay some tracks down. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of money at the time, so could only afford to record an EP of five solid tracks. It was very difficult to choose only five tracks out of our set at first, but Cedric Samson came to a few of our rehearsals and helped us to make a decision, based on what we all felt gave a good, dynamic description of what Peachy Keen was about, for those who haven’t seen us live. We tracked the songs over 2 and a-half days in Cedric’s studio in Hout Bay. We also decided to track the EP in a “live way” (all instruments tracked together) to give Backseat Bingo that raw, energetic feel – true to the 1950s.

You’re proud of this album because….

We are proud of Backseat Bingo because it’s the first album we have ever released, we think the songs are cool, the album artwork is beautiful and it’s like having your first baby in a way….it might turn out retarded, it might turn out to be awesome and become the president….none the less, we are its proud parents and we take full responsibility.

How did Peachy Keen come to be?

Dom and Lex had been friends for a good few years before the birth of Peachy Keen. Having met each other through the band scene and playing in various different bands, they decided to start a project that they could share and hoped to create something new and different. Together they wrote an entire set with and acoustic guitar and keyboard and once that had been polished, decided to find the rest of the members that would make up Peachy Keen. Brandon Shore had recently moved to Cape Town from Durban and Dom and Lex knew him through The City Bowl Mizers. He was a keen drummer and was without a band and had the right peachy attitude and drumming skills to go with it. Greg Abrahams had moved down from Joburg and was studying music at UCT. A mutual friend put us in contact. He originally joined the band as a stand-up bass player and then moved onto lead (his first instrument) because that’s what he is born to do! Ryan Mc Arthur has been a friend for years but didn’t have enough time to join the band until the end of last year, so we had substitute members until then. Ryan was the last, perfect ingredient in the band!

How do you think your rock-a-billy style fits in with the rest of the South African music scene?

We don’t believe there is a current “rock-a-billy” scene in South Africa, but we also don’t like to pigeon hole ourselves strictly as a “rock-a-billy” band, and therefore we can play shows from big festivals to small club shows, to weddings- we are quite versatile like that. The South African music scene is also very versatile and dynamic, which is what makes it fantastic and interesting! We make music that makes people want to dance, so there aren’t many shows we can’t play. We don’t really have a “home” as such, but have good relationships with all the clubs we play at. We also have a vast array of fans!

Where have you guys found your ‘home’ and fans?

Like I said earlier, we have a vast array of fans! Because our music draws its influences from an era that is our grandparents, we have a lot of older people loving the music as I’m sure it induces some sort of nostalgia to a degree. We also have punks, metal heads, poppies, hipsters, jocks, black peeps, whites peeps all sharing the dance floor at our shows. It’s great!How would you sell your shows to new audiences?
Without sounding like an arrogant bumface – there is no other band like Peachy Keen, there is no one doing what we are doing. It has to be seen to be appreciated.

Why the affinity for the 50s – what do you love most about it?

The music from the 50s had real zest. It wasn’t overly complicated. It had an innocence that I find very appealing. The music that was considered “pop” was GOOD music. REAL music! We also love the fashion of the 50s. High-waisted skirts, swing dresses etc…very feminine and flattering for women! It was just a dang cool time that I think I should have been born in.

Who are your biggest influences – local, international, dead, alive?

I would say our biggest influences are: Johnny Cash, The Beatles, the Andrew Sisters, Chuck Berry.

What makes pin up girls different from your usual modern day sex symbols?

CURVES!!! Being a pin up girl was all about being curvy and sexy! The make-up was very simple, all about the red lips! And the hair was usually quite elaborate (victory rolls, etc) Nowadays, according to the media, its “sexy” for a woman to look like a 12-year-old boy! Well, we say to hell with that! Curves, boobies and bums all the way!

Who can drink the most Sailor Jerry rum without falling down drunk or waking up the next morning without wanting to chew their arm off to get out of a stranger’s bed?

Well first things first…we all love the good ole’ Sailor Jerry Rum. Those that have indulged are very aware of what happens when getting on the rum train. I think every one of us have had our own personal experience with SJ. If we had to put it down to a particular member? Well that would be Lex. Where there’s SJ Rum, you’ll find Lex. Enough said.

Tell us about your first tattoos.

Dom – Mine was a bird on my left forearm…got it done when I was 15….it’s not something that I would get now.

Lex – Music notes on my back (bar from Rhapsody in Blue)…think I was 18…

Where would you most like to perform one day?

The Vans Warped Tour, that would be a dream come true – Brandon Shore.

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