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Monday , 8 August 2022
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Captain Stu – Local Music Star!

Is it afro? Is it ska? Is it funk? Is it punk? Who really cares? It's Captain Stu and it rocks! The guys would best describe their sound as "mongrel' - we love whatever it is that made their hit, "The Day", from their free 2010 EP, what it is. Their mellow summer vibe shouldn't fool you - these guys have a serious energy on stage; their passion evident. It would seem their tenacity to make it in the biz after eight years has finally paid off - we bring you one of South Africa's Local Music Stars - Captain Stu! Read more for our hilarious interview!

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Seether-‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray’

They’re our greatest export (yes, we’d say even more so than Charlize – sorry love) and LW Mag finally got to interview our alternative rock heroes, Seether (Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart, John Humphrey). Last week Thursday, our editor got to chat to Dale Stewart (bass guitarist ) long distance about the release of their latest album ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray’, their fans and whether or not they’ll be returning to SA for a much-awaited album tour? Read more to find out!

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Next Big Thing – Candi Black

Female-fronted rock 'n roll bands are hard to come by in SA, let alone one that can hold their own with the big boys in the industry. Well, Candi Black have proved they have the talented edge, the raw live energy and stamina to go the distance. They've enjoyed success with their first single "Shotgun Lover" which has aired on many local and campus radio stations. Their follow up, "Blackfire" is also eliciting the right amount of attention from fans. Their performances at this year's Thornfest,Season's Wither and Angels of Rock solidified what many in Pretoria already know - Candi Black are the Next Big Thing! We chatted to the guys about their forthcoming EP, music video and weird and wonderful Facebook fans.

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Not My Dog Interview!

It’s raw, it’s hardcore, it’s Not My Dog. The hard rock and metal outfit from the nineties is back and delivering in-your-face performances nationwide. They’ve rocked Ramfest and killed it at Seasons Wither. Now, they’ll be returning to sacred ground at Oppi and releasing their brand new self-titled album at the festival. 2011 – the year of the rabbit? Nah, f&*k it – it’s the year of the dog, man!

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