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Sunday , 24 March 2019
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Motocross Rider Profile – Jesse Wright

We catch up with one of South Africa’s top Motocross racers, Jesse Wright, who has been killing it this season the the 125cc Highschool class as well as the MX2 class on board his YZ 125. Even though this kid has had his fair share of injuries, the future looks bright for Jesse as his ultimate dream is to race overseas and make a career out of this adrenaline pumping sport. He is on the right track…

Name: Jesse Wright

Nickname: Jess

Age: 17

Home Town: JHB

Years Racing: 8 years

Machine Choice: Yamaha most definitely.

Sponsors: Monster Energy SA, Full Throttle, Yamaha, Unit Clothing, Ariete, THOR, Dirt Nurse, Taylor Racing, Racestar.

Injuries: Broken right leg, right and left foot, right and left collar bone, left wrist. A few concussions and knock-outs and I’ve compressed my back. All that besides all the ligament injuries.

How did you get hooked on motocross ?
I went to watch my little cousin race on 50cc one day, and my Dad asked me if I wanted a bike – I have not looked back since.

How often do you ride?
Twice a week on the weekends but if my Dad can make a plan, once during the week.

What classes do you race in?
125cc Highschool at Nationals and 125cc Highschool and MX2 (on my 125cc) at Regional’s.

Where are you standing in the Championships at this moment?
Nationals – 2nd Place, Regional’s – 1st Place for Highschool and 2nd for MX2.

What is your favourite track to race on in SA and why?
Must be Teza in Richards Bay. Awesome jumps to whip on and because of the mean elevation on the track.

What are your thoughts on the Terra Topia track in JHB and how do you think racing there for the first time will go down ?
Terra Topia has so much potential and the elevation is perfect. All I would like them to do is work on the jumps, add in more of them and bigger ones. Racing there should be great and it’s good for spectators too.

Dirt Broncos has recently changed their whole track as well as the direction. Do you dig it or did you prefer the old track?
Yes definitely, they needed to update the track and I think the change is almost perfect. It flows so much better and the jumps are bigger, meaner and more fun!

Have you ever raced overseas?
Unfortunately not but hopefully my time is soon, as I am ready for big things to happen.

Where would you like to see your race career go?
It would be great to compete overseas and possibly make a career out of it. That is the ultimate.

Who is your main competition in South Africa?
The coastal guys, Justin Mittens and Reid Sinnicks

Explain the feeling you get when sitting on the gate?
The rush of Adrenalin (with a capital ‘A’) is extreme. I begin to settle down once I have my gate pick, then back on the roller-coaster when my Dad has the final words. With friends all wishing me luck and when the board is up, I actually feel like I need to throw-up!

What’s your trick to getting the holeshot?
Personally I don’t really have a trick I use,. I normally get horrible starts but it’s all in your reaction time and how quickly you can get to that 1st corner.

What’s the best thing about motocross ?
Besides the Monster girls … no, definitely getting the holeshot and leading the race start to checked. Scrapping the berms and throwing whips and scrubbing jumps is great fun too.

Do you listen to any type of music to get hyped up before racing ? If so, what ?
I don’t have a specific song but I listen to party tracks and rock to get my amped for the race.

Has racing motocross helped you in the chick department?
Ha Ha Ha, most definitely! Always has and always will.

Can you whip your dirt bike?
For sure. That is like One-O-One for MX riding. It’s the best feeling on the bike.

Explain to us how to pull off a stylish whip?
You’ve just got to lean into the face, use your legs and body to just flick your bike out and then start to pray and hope you get it to come back around in time or else you’re going to hurt. HA HA.

Any words for your competition?
Good luck and good racing boys. Never underestimate me, one good day and I’m untouchable.

You can follow Jesse on Twitter @Jessman100 

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