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Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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Matti Buys on Project Wakeskates

We catch up with wakeskater, Matti Buys to chat about his recent trip to the USA and his move over to Project Waketstakes. Here’s what he has to say.

Wakeskater Matti Buys has made the move to Project Wakeskates

You were recently in the USA. Tell us about the trip and what you got up to?
Yeah, this year’s trip was a busy one. I competed in Battle Falls, was an amazing event and had some insane riding going down. Other than that, a lot of focus was on filming, trying to get clips and just keep the good traveling vibes going.

What were some of your highlights of the trip?
There was a lot [laughs]. It’s tough to put it all down but when I landed we went straight into filming in Las Vegas and then from there we went to Zion National Park which is just an amazingly beautiful place to see and experience. The major highlight however would probably be riding at Lake Powell. It’s a place I have always dreamt of wakeskating at since the day I first found the sport. So finally getting to cross that one off the bucket list and just soaking it all up was pretty surreal.

Matti Buys wakeskating in Lake Powell

Tell about your move over to Project and how it came about?
I was riding for Home Wakeskates, which are manufactured by Dieter Humpsch and they are really amazing boards and a great brand. Diets has helped me out a bunch throughout my career and I will never be able to thank him enough for that!
Over the past 3 years though I have being spending a lot of time with Andrew Roehm during the filming for Istudiomo and he is the Team Manager and rider over at Project, and when he came to me with an offer it just made sense to make the move over to them. Considering I was spending so much time with them already, it just gives us the opportunity to create and do so much more when we ride for the same company. I am really excited to see what we can do.

How do you rate the Project Wakeskates?
Project is a great brand, not only their wakeskates but their whole offering is really cool. Which to me was also a big deciding factor when making the move. They are a super outdoorsy brand that loves all things from camping and exploring to wakeskating, which I felt was a really good fit for me and what I love. As far as the boards go they recently changed up shapes and the new shape is really fun to ride. I honestly was a bit apprehensive about trying out a new board in the middle of a filming trip and season but after a few sets I felt super comfy on the board and I’ve been loving it ever since.

We catch up with Matti Buys about his Wakeskating career

What has it been like riding with your new teammates Collin Gee and Andrew Roehm, and what has it done for your riding?
I have been riding with them for the better part of 3 years, before making the move, so it hasn’t really been a huge change for me other than that now when we’re riding we can make something productive out of it for Project. So I guess it makes our jobs easier at the end of the day. As far as my riding goes, from the first time I started riding with them they have had an influence on what I do. I was kinda stuck just doing my usual stuff that I thought was cool until I took a couple sets with them. Seeing the way Collin just flows really made me want to do that, and how technical Andrew can be with his Heelflip variations made me really want to learn more of those. So yeah, they have definitely opened my mind into different ways of wakeskating and into constantly adjusting and re-looking at my riding.

You were also out there filming for the Wakeskate movie Istudiomo, how much time did you putting into that?
All of it [laughs], no but I put a decent amount of time into it with Andrew and the boys in the movie. Istudiomo is just an opportunity that I am so thankful to have and to be in the movie with all these amazing wakeskaters is just a crazy thought. So I have definitely put a lot of focus into it over the past 2 years and hopefully it turns out alright.

Matti Buys showcasing his wakeskating skills on board his Project Wakeskate

When will Istudiomo be released and what can we expect from your segment?
It’s set to come out in December. I’m not sure, it’s my first part where I have really managed to focus a lot on winching new spots and getting tricks down drops, etc. I am excited to put out a part that has a lot of that in it.

Have you added any new tricks to your already stacked arsenal of tricks?
[Laughs] There is always more to learn but I am not sure. There has been a couple fun ones here and there over the course of the trip.

You recently competed in the USA Wake Park Nationals in Waco, Texas. What was the level of competition like and where did you finish?
That contest was really fun. There were a bunch of wakeskaters there that I had never met before, so seeing them come out and ride was really cool, as well as some groms in the am division. I was fortunate enough to finish 3rd in Pro.

Matti Buys wakeskating his way into 3rd place at the USA Wake Park Nationals

How does this 3rd place rank up to some of your other international podiums?
Aaaah it’s just another contest result really. It was really cool to be up on the podium next to Andrew Pastura and Nick Taylor as I have always looked up to their riding. At the same time it’s just another contest so I try not to think about it to much.

Whats next for Matti Buys?
Basically get home spend some time with the family and friends in Jozi, then its back down the South Coast to the Boarder Post to get riding and filming again with Kev and the crew down there and start working towards the next project. We also have the South African Wakeskate Tour coming up next year so I will be busy with that and then start planning the next trip to a destination that I still need to decide on but thats also a really exciting thought.

Matti Buys' Project Wakeskate

Any shout-outs?
My whole family and their consistent support and understanding for all my time spent away from home, distance from people you love is often challenging so that means a lot. Kev and Nicole Dry. Andrew, Collin and Fernando at Project for the rad new opportunity. FOX, DC Shoes, Skullcandy and Red Bull for the constant and amazing support. This list could go on forever but i will keep it short and relevant for this one. Thank you to everyone that has ever helped, driven, filmed, photographed, fed, housed and just made the time for me. I love you all. ​

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