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Thursday , 9 July 2020
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Logan Martin experiences South Africa for Ultimate X

Meet Australia’s Logan Martin, the 2017 UCI Freestyle BMX World Champion, who we recently had the privilege of witnessing ride at the 2018 Ultimate X event held at Sun City. His smooth style, technical skill and a huge bag of tricks pay homage to why he is rated one of the best riders in the world.
We caught up with Logan to talk about his experience and competing in South Africa.

We interview BMX Freestyle world champion, Logan Martin

Give us a quick background check into who Logan Martin is and how you got into BMX?
Well, I’m 24 years old living on the Gold Coast in Australia! I’ve been riding Freestyle BMX for about 12 years now, professionally since 2013 – about the same time I started high school. I moved close to a skatepark and started going down with my older brother and it became an everyday thing that I enjoyed doing.

What have been some of the highlights of your BMX career thus far?
I have a lot of achievements inside BMX in which I’m proud of. They vary from world first tricks, contests I’ve won and companies I have/ had the pleasure of working with. In 2017 I won the first ever Gold medal and UCI rainbow jersey at the UCI World championships in China which is probably my biggest accomplishment. I have three Silver X Games medals and I’ve won the Fise World Series two times. That’s just to name a few of my accomplishments.

Which contest was the first you competed in as a pro rider, and how did you do?
My first Pro international event was in Paris 2012 at a Fise mini ramp contest, which I actually won.

Take us back to your first big win and the emotion that came with it?
My first big win was also a Fise event but this time it was on the park in France in 2013. It was an unreal feeling. I guess going into the event I knew anything was possible and I could actually win the event, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to play out. Turns out I rode the way I wanted, pulled my lines and won the event. That was the turning point for me.

Logan Martin talks to us about his BMX career and competing in South Africa

What are some of your favorite tricks at the moment?
If you’ve seen me ride you will know I enjoy doing Whips/ Barspin combos. Some of my favourite combos are Flair Downwhips, Cork 720s, Quad Whips and 360 Double Downside Whips.

Which trick has been the most difficult to learn?
It took me quite a long time to learn Cork 720s. A lot of time was spent in the foam pit to actually learn them properly.

When not riding or competing, what do you like to do with your downtime?
Usually if I’m not riding I’m recovering and getting ready to ride the next day [laughs]. I enjoy going to the gym, that always gets me in a good headspace, and every now and then a long walk with the misso is good for some downtime.

How long did it take to complete you full body suit?
32 hours. Just under 5 years.

Do you have any more space for some tattoos? 
There’s definitely space, but no spaces that I want to touch. My hands and neck will stay tattoo free.

Logan Martin talks to us about his BMX career and competing at Ultimate X 2018

You were recently in South Africa for the Ultimate X contest. How would you best sum up the trip?
I really enjoyed it. The resort where the event was, was amazing. The course was fun and we were well looked after, which always makes for a good time.

What were some of the things you experienced, that you never expected to?
We went to a zoo and got to pat a fully grown Lion, which I never thought was possible. Got to cuddle some baby lions that were super cute. It was really a good time, the people were nice, the fans loved the show and the support from everyone was really nice.

What did you think of Ultimate X and how would you compare it to some of the other park contests around the world?
It was a great event, I’ve seen it for the last few years and it looked like a good time so I wanted to get there this year. It definitely did not disappoint. There are things that could improve, such as the ramps being more solid, etc but it works, so there’s not much to complain about really.

Logan Martin competing in the 2018 Ult X BMX park event

What upcoming contests are you looking forward to competing in?
My main focuses are the Fise events, X Games and the world Championships!

What are your goals for the rest on 2018?
I really want to win an X Games gold medal this year, and I want to also back up my World Championship win from last year. That’s the goal, and I believe it’s possible.

Can we expect to see you in South Africa again?
I will be back for sure!

Any words for your South African fans?
Thanks for all the constant support, I appreciate all of you. If you ride BMX make sure you’re having fun, things will progress a lot quicker when you’re having fun with your mates!

Logan Martin placing 2nd in the 2018 Ultimate X BMX contest

Photos by Eric Palmer and Grant Mclachlan.

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