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Sunday , 8 December 2019
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LIQUI MOLY Hamper and Calendar Giveaway

The great people over at LIQUI MOLY have put together this awesome hamper for one of our lucky readers to WIN! The perfect collection for your ride and includes their limited edition 2018 Calendars.
Runner up entrants stand a chance of winning a limited edition 2018 LIQUI MOLY Calendar (with a choice of the motorsport or erotic edition).

To stand a chance of wining, tell us what this hamper would mean to you and your ride? Leave your answer in the comment section at the bottom of this page.
For a bonus entry, follow LIQUI MOLY on Instagram @LiquiMolyZA.

*Competition closes on 15 June 2018 – Open to South African entrants only.

Stand a chance of winning this awesome LIQUI MOLY Calendar

The LIQUI MOLY Hamper Includes:
White pit shirt
Speed Etc Benzin 250ml
Octane Plus 150ml
LM40 Muti-Purpose Spray 400ml
Cera Tec 300ml
Tyre Bright Foam 400ml
Gloss Polish Spray Wax 400ml
Upholstery Foam Cleaner 300ml
Auto Duft Demo Girl Lemon
One for all Deep Treatment 250ml
Windscreen Tablet Apple
Car Wash and Wax 1L
Tyre Repair Spray 500ml
Scratch Remover 200ml
Rim Cleaner 1L
Pro-Line Klima Fresh 150ml
Cockpit Care Citrus 300ml
Oil Top-Up Bag and Kit
2018 Limited Edition LIQUI MOLY Calendars

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  1. My Drive needs urgent attention. Using it in All terains it cries out for that Liqui Moly Hamper.
    I will enjoy pimping up my ride with Liqui Moly, so the world can see, what difference Liqui Moly can make to a drive the tough life

  2. Loveitha Ramjiyavan

    My ride will become brand new with this awesome prize 💜

  3. John Vinjevold

    Well let’s just say if I do so happen to win this hamper my ride will be smiling more than me as there’s many nice goodies in there to make her shine bright like a diamond. My ride is a KTM 1290 Superduke R. Long story short she hasn’t been well and has been in for surgery for 10weeks already. Fortunately the ol doc says she will be able to be discharged soon and return to duty. Winning this hamper would be an awesome welcome home gift and a sure way to make sure she looks tip top from head to to all the time. With that the luck that there are calendars in the mix will keep me focussed on where I am this year and where I’m going as the year will be laid out for me in pure LiquiMoly style!!
    What better way to know you treat your ride and know it’s quality that when you turn your key on..oh hey there’s that LiquiMolyl keyring!!
    All of this while of course looking dam snazzy in a special LiquiMoly pit shirt and cap. Hmmmm now we are talking!! Any hows it would be real sweet to win this hamper but let me stop talking before the 1290 hears and I create an expectation on these sweet LiquiMoly goodies!!! LW Mag and Liquimoly… putting smiles on faces since……. since forever !!!

  4. Wow ! What an amazing giveaway! This would mean exquisite care for my ride and loads of jelly friends for me! It would be an honour to receive this hamper and my beast would definitely appreciate it. She takes me every where and surely deserves a treat.I would be so stoked to rock all the branded gear. It would be my uniform!

  5. Adeline Pillay

    Winning this would definitely mean a lot to me & my ride. It would mean that my ride is getting pampered and I’m sure she would love it

  6. It would mean the world. .. i coud spruce up m y baby and make her look like a million dollars again 🙂

  7. Wow would mean my wheels would be perfect and i would have a perfect smile all the way from one ear to another

  8. Salochana Naidoo

    Not for me, but for my son-in-law, who loves his ride more than life itself.. If I win this and gift it to him, I’d not only score brownie points with him, but then he’d be over the moon, my daughter would be ecstatic, which would make me the happiest mom,, too! 🚲

  9. Subaru loves liqui moly. Would make it the pig it is.

    She has been nagging me for ceratec since I bought her.

  10. I would love to treat my car with these products. Cleaning, polishing and refreshing citrus! YES PLEASE!

  11. My car needs this so badly please it will really help me and my car to be spanking clean and glossy all the time

  12. A absolutely wonderful giveaway thank you
    Will be well used and greatly appreciated by me. Perfect for my sweethearts new ride, what a great way to surprise him .
    Fantastic products and every item on this list will be put to great use.
    A well thought away giveaway thank you

  13. Liqui Moly hamper will be a nice treat to my car it will bring out the best out of my vechile and it will never be the same after i use this Awesome products LIQUI MOLY YOU ARE NO.1 YOURE PRODUCT ROCK!

  14. Michelle Mentz

    My car and I love Liqui Moly products. Just got a Chev aveo with a base coat colour so if I win I can use Liqui Molly to get it all spritzed up when it’s needing a clean and polish.

  15. This will mean everything to me I need this so badly and it will literally make my life so much better, Cape towns water shortages means my car is filthy and its depressing this would help spice up my life xxxxxxxxxx

  16. I would like to treat my car as it takes me from A to B everyday and it would be nice to give it a treat.

  17. Loveitha Ramjiyavan

    My ride is my baby and I give her such care. This incredible hamper will ensure she looks sleek and smooth. It’s an awesome prize.

  18. Kavita Ramjee Ramduth

    My baby beast (my ride) will become a super monster!

  19. Well I would say my 13B Rotary powered VW Caddy would smile from ear to ear when she gets pampered with some Liqui Moly madness. She will be turning even more heads with her Moly smile when she goes Braaappppp down the road.

  20. My boyfriend has finally began to realise his dreams of starting his own Auto-body repair and custom workshop business. He has an incredible passion for cars, and a keen eye for detail, and it has certainly rubbed off on me. I would love to get behind his new business venture and support him in every way I can. This hamper would make a perfect gift!

  21. It would really make my car come back to life.. This would be awesome.. I would love to make her beautiful again.

  22. If my son washed his RM250 with this it would shine so bright that he could become a star FMX rider!!!!💥💥

  23. Having never won a competition before, I’m not sure who would be smiling more, my ride or me. My car is my pride and joy, and I try to always give her the best love and attention I can. Liqui Moly products are able to bring the sparkle back to her, looking after her inside and out. I will then also be able to post pictures of her online, shining like the Silver Dream Machine – thanks to Liqui Moly!

  24. T.J. van der Berg

    My poor bike is all we have,and she works her ass-off. Groceries,Pizza,20kg dog food sack. She really is worth her wait in gold. And she ask so little back.This would allow me to show my appreciation of her and to treat her lime a lady. In the 10 years i had her i had only servised ber once,and that is crappy of me. This would make up for all those other years. Please keep her in mind,she is my only no 2 lady…

  25. Just love this hamper. I have receive car care kit before excluding apparel and calender which tteated my BMW well over the 3 years. Now my bottles are empty and my cars need the Liqui Moly love.
    Cap & Shirt will be great to flaunt as well on track days.

  26. I’m in the process of rebuilding my race bike, as a privateer these products will be extremely helpful.

  27. Well keeping a car neat and shiny is always important and treating it with the best of thr best.. What better product could a car ask for it would be perfect in every way for a car to be treated by these amazing products

  28. Warrren Van Niekerk

    When I use this on my bikes they will say Holy Moly always use Liqui Moly. It would mean my stuff gets the well deserved clean it needs. The rest is for me to enjoy!

  29. would love to use some of the stuff in this hamper on my audi a3 tfsi… so that she can get all the love she deserves. I’m 16 driving a 2006 Audi A3

  30. If I win this it would mean a lot to me because i will give it to my brother, he really takes care of his car , he does a very good job cleaning his car, it takes him a lot of time to clean it. So hopefully i will win it for him.

  31. It would really mean a lot to me if i win this for my brother, he is takes his time to clean his car , his car is always clean and shining. He really takes good care of his car

  32. Sandhaya V Maharaj

    Winning this hamper would mean my ride would be the sexiest & sleekest on my block. My kids shine & glam up my car so that its the best wheels at their school at pick-up & drop off.

  33. If I want to get the BEST out of my ride, I have to ensure to put the BEST into it, cleaning and maintenance. Full-stop.


  34. This would mean that both my motorcycles will be squeaky clean. Clean rims. Clean tires and I will step up on tje social ladder. My friends bikes are always spotless but I ride every day. So a little dirt and a few scratches are always visible. You guys can improve my social status by giving the prize to me. 😊 Please and thank you.

  35. This hamper would mean alot to my uncle , because he has kick ass bikes that needs some working and cleaning. He is married to his ride and I assure you that this hamper would be put to great use with him! He would be a happy rider with a happy ride 😀

  36. Nothing would make myself, my ride and others go “holy moly, it must be LIQUI MOLY”

  37. What a awesome b day present this will be

  38. This hamper has everything a car needs for a make over! Winning this would make my husband see me as his super women🌟!!!!
    Awesome giveaway……Awesome products👍

  39. Can’t pass up an opportunity to smother my lady in lube ❤

  40. This would be a Parisian Aristoctrat spoil for my old Landy. He goes through the mud and grime for me and to have all this luxury to spoil him aferwards would be amazing….at least he can shine and look impeccable …before the next camping trip!!

  41. I love pampering my car as much as I love pampering myself so winning this pamper hamper for my baby will be the perfect treat to giver her a little TLC. Fingers crossed and I really hope we win this!

  42. My husband and I would love this as he takes so much pride in keeping our rides in tip top condition. Fingers crossed

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