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Wednesday , 8 July 2020
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Kenneth Tencio Talks Ultimate X

BMX rider Kenneth Tencio, all the way from Costa Rica, is one his way to South African to compete at Ultimate X 2016 on February 27th at GrandWest Casino in Cape Town.
We caught up with Kenneth to get his thoughts on coming to SA and what we can expect from him.

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Meet BMX rider Kenneth Tencio in his way to South Africa
This is your first time coming to South Africa. What are your expectations and what are you hoping to experience?
Yeah it’s my first time and I am more than stoked to be going thinking about it every moment. I just want to go meet the BMX scene over there have fun, meet new places, make friends and do my best on the contest.

How much do you know about Ultimate X and what are your thoughts on the event?
I saw that Kevin Peraza had been and he said he loved it, the course looks sick, the event is serious and the organisation looks amazing. I just can’t wait to be there.

You have a stack of achievements under your belt, what are some of your highlights of your career?
I come 9th in the BMX world competition in 2014, 2nd place at Vital BMX, Best Trick at Fise and 12TH place overall at Fise 2014.

BMX action at its best thanks to Kenneth Tencio
What does the sport of BMX mean to you?
For me BMX is a lifestyle, anyone who doesn’t ride BMX can understand the feeling that we share as a big family riding a kids bike. BMX makes me see life from a different point.

What are your goals for Ultimate X?
I know every one wants to hear that you want to be in the first place, and for sure I want this but it’s not just about that. The most important thing to me is to do my best and compete with myself.

Do you know any of the other competitors and if so, who do you think will be your main competition?
I know that some of my best BMX friends around the world and idols are going like Daniel Dhers and Kevin Peraza, but one more time I just try to compete with myself.

What can fans expect from you at Ultimate X?
People make me crazy, so let’s make a noise Cape Toooown.

Kenneth Tencio will be competing at Ultimate X 2016
Being a park event, what are some of the bigger tricks we can expect to see from you?
Flips, spins and smiles.

What style of course suits you best and what features are your favourite to ride?
I love everything that you can put a trick on from a jump box to a hand rail.

What will a win at Ultimate X mean to you?
Waoh It’s fun to think about it. I feel like butterflies just thinking about it.

Any words for your fans that will be out supporting?
Bring your dog, mother, grandmother, cousins, everyone and enjoy the show.

Costa Rican BMX rider Kenneth Tencio talks Ultimate X
Photos by Agustin Munez / Red Bull Content Pool

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