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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Joshua Mlimi #60to1

Joshua Mlimi is a household name on the local Motocross circuit. The ex 125cc Champion moved up to the MX2 class in 2016 and has been mixing it up with the country’s fastest ever since.
Now, Josh steps back onto the 125cc and absolutely shreds a local private track for #60to1.
Turn your sound up and watch this…

60 to 1 – The KTM and Motorex recommended oil/ fuel mixture for optimum performance in all 2-Stroke machines.

How did the idea for this shoot come about?
It came about in the off season, at a social event. I just kind of thought of the concept of an illusion type of video, and then once it’s all revealed it’s just straight raw 125 screaming. Each day I could see this idea coming to life with some cool ideas to incorporate. I feel like that’s what we’ve achieved in the video!

Joshua Mlimi features in the #60to1 motocross video

What was it like to smash a 125cc around a track again?
Honestly, it was one of the greatest feelings I’ve had on a dirt bike for a while. It brought back so many awesome memories, and to be able to ride it on one of the top tracks in the country was also a bonus. It definitely was a cool feeling to shred on a 2 banger again that’s for sure

Which was your favorite part of the shoot?
The whole shoot I must say, I really had fun shooting the whole concept. I’m really amped on the forest segment, I think it’s something different and unique so that would be my highlight and favourite part of the video.

We interview motocross rider, Joshua Mlimi for #60to1

How would you best sum up The Graveyard motocross track? 
Man, the track is every South African rider’s dream track, the perfect combination of the best soil and the biggest jumps. A true definition of a Motocross track in my eyes, I always have fun when I go out there.

What is the best part about riding the 2018 KTM 125?
The power of the 125, you know, riding a 4-stroke for some years now and going back to a two stroke you always think of it being underpowered. Yes it’s not a 250 (4-stroke), but man I was able to ride that 125 hard and it pulls. The bike is so responsive. Definitely made the right choice by going orange. Best decision I’ve made yet.

Joshua Mlimi riding the KTM 125cc motocross bike

How much has the bike changed since you last raced in the 125’s?
Fortunately in 2015 the 125’s went through a facelift, which is the current model, so I was lucky enough to race it in my final year.

After taking the 125 championship in 2015, you moved up to the MX2 class. What was transitioning onto the bigger bike like?
The whole transition was not as bad as I thought it would be. I got used to it in the off season of 2015/16. What was hard was the pace and intensity of the MX2 class. I really thought I could run up there from the get go, but that took a while. I was humbled real quick [laughs].

Motocross whip style for days with Josh Mlimi in #60to1

What are your goals for the 2018 season?
I am more than capable of winning, I have no reason to not be winning. I would definitely like to be more consistent and be on the podium. The first two rounds have not been a true reflection of my capability, but my head is still up and I’m feeling positive about the season. I am really looking forward to the Welkom national, I really enjoy that track and it’s got a nice flow to it. The last time I raced there was in 2007 on a 65cc, so I think it will be cool to race there again.

Any shout-outs?
Firstly, shout-out to the DuPlooy’s for allowing us to ride their track, couldn’t have thought of a better track to work some magic on other than The Graveyard.
Then to all my sponsors that are with me, and have been with me. I really appreciate all of them and I wouldn’t be here without you guys – KTM South Africa, Red Bull South Africa, TRP Distributors, Venture Sport, Watprop, Recked Industries and Stance Socks South Africa.

Meet Joshua Mlimi in #60to1
The KTM 125 SX motocross machine

Filmed and edited by Film House @_influunt.

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