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Tuesday , 22 October 2019
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Interview with Jet Black Camaro

We chat to authentic, bad-ass rockers Jet Black Camaro about their debut album and more. These guys are ones to watch LW peeps, trust us on this! They’ve got that raw, grainy, dirty, soulful sound that’s characteristic of Southern rock, only these guys are from SA and they’re doing it better.

Band: Jet Black Camaro

Members: Fano du Plessis, Casjahn (CJ) Bierman, Frans Borman, Adriaan Jansen van Vuuren, Gianluca Tadiello

Label: Independent

Genre: Snake Rock

Sounds like:  Led Zeppelin’s fusion of blues and rock combined with the psychedelic sensibilities of Queens of the Stone Age, the variation and depth displayed by Bruce Springsteen mixed with some good ole hand-clappin’ southern style gospel music.

Tell us about Jet Black Camaro’s origins.

A camp fire, braai fire, veld fire. Fire.

Where would you say you fit in in the local music scene?

We don’t.

What do you guys have to offer local music fans that you think they’ve yet to have experienced?


Tell us a little about your debut album.

It’s 14 different landscapes. It’s cinematic, yet personal. It’s bold, yet gentle. It’s naked, yet warm. It’s light and dark. It’s gospel and voodoo. It’s the soundtrack to a life worth examining…

You opted to record ‘live’ – elaborate and tell us why.

We wanted a warmer, more energetic and raw sound. A sound people can relate with. A more honest, direct, sometimes even vulnerable sound.

14 tracks, 9 days. How did you do it?

We were hungry to do it. And after we finished the first song in 10 minutes we knew we were ready.

You feel most at home when you’re performing where?

The inner sanctuary of rock ‘n roll – The Bohemian, Johannesburg.

Who would you say your contemporaries are?

Clutch, Graveyard, Kings Of Leon.

How did you guys celebrate the release of your album?

After our recording in Ladismith we went up a mountain in the Karoo, rolled a big fat reefer and smoked it.

Your fans rock the most because…

  1. They love & feel our music.
  2. They come back for more. Some super fans have travelled far to hear us. More than a 100km for just one show. From Rustenburg to Randburg. From Potchefstroom to Pretoria.  One guy once drove all the way From Tzaneen to Vanderbijlpark (that’s like a 5 hour drive) and then his car broke down half an hour before he would have reached us.

Where to from here?

A 2nd album, a 3rd album, a 4th album…and so forth.

To find out more about Jet Black Camaro, gig dates and follow these links…

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