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In Skate She Trusts with Sharné Jacobs

Playing a huge role within local Women’s Skateboarding, we get to know the Girls Skate – South Africa head honcho – In Skate She Trusts delves into the daily life and goals of Sharné Jacobs.

Give us some insight in to your passion for Skateboarding?
My passion for skateboarding shows in everything I do. It’s become my lifestyle, I’ve gained a lot from skateboarding and use it in everyday life. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I didn’t find skateboarding. This passion has made me develop Girls Skate South Africa, something I want to share with everyone I meet.

What goes through your mind when you are out skating? 
A feeling of being free and being able to show creativity in ways that I can’t express in other things. Also the feeling of accomplishment when I land something.

In Skate She Trusts video and interview feature with Sharné JacobsWe talk skateboarding and more with Sharné Jacobs

What advice would you give anyone wanting to get into the sport?
Don’t worry about what anyone thinks about you, do this for yourself!
Oh, and wear safety gear!

How would you like to see skateboarding evolve in South Africa? 
I would love to see skateboarding everywhere, it needs to be accessible for more people in South Africa. To get skating into schools, in previously disadvantaged areas, and any open park.

What plans and goals do you have for Girls Skate South Africa?
We plan to grow the femme scene even more. Create even more safe spaces, and something special that’s top secret – Keep an eye on our socials for this.

Meet Girls Skate South Africa head honcho Sharné JacobsSkateboarding action with Dragon Energy athlete Sharné Jacobs

What’s your take on as skateboarding an official Olympic sport?
I think it’s great, it opens up a lot more opportunities all over and hopefully we can get skating into schools. This can also change the perception people have on skaters. It’s exciting! Skateboarding is growing, and everyone benefits from this.

What’s next for Sharné Jacobs?
A lot more skating. I’ve dedicated my life to helping skateboarding, that I haven’t had time to skate myself, so I’ll be taking more time to balance my life and skate more.
I’ll be doing more for Girls Skate and growing it as much as I can, the possibilities are endless!

Sharné Jacobs skateboarding at the infamous Thrashers SkateparkGet to know skateboarder Sharné Jacobs in our In Skate She Trusts video interview

Video Filmed and Edited by Day Marumo.
Photos by Day Marumo.

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