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FMX Life with Dallan Goldman

The name Dallan Goldman is no stranger to the Freestyle Motocross world, having showcased in shows around the globe and spent time riding with some of the sport’s best. We caught up with the Joburg local to find out how the FMX life is treating him.

We talk FMX with Dallan Goldman

Name: Dallan Goldman

Nickname: DG, Yeti

Age: 23

Hometown: Fourways, JHB

Bike: 2015 Yamaha Yz450F

Bike setup:  TP ProTaper bend handlebars, ProTaper 51 rear sprocket, ProTaper grips, custom cut subframe and seat with custom sticker kit.

Sponsors: Jungle Rush FMX, DC shoes, Bounce Inc, Dirt Nurse Cleaning Products, TRP Distributors, Thor MX, Ride 100 Percent, Yamaha, Skullcandy, Shoei, Motul and Metzeler.

Interview with Freestyle Motocross rider Dallan Goldman

Welcome back to LW Mag. How have things been going since we last featured you (2013)?
I’ve had my ups and downs since 2013, from landing my first flips at Maddo’s, to being injured and out of action for 8 months, to being able to get back on the bike and performing demos around Africa. This last year has been busy with demos but I’m having fun most of all.

How many years have you been riding FMX for, and what does the sport mean to you?
I’ve been riding FMX for over 8 years now. It’s a reality escape, freedom of expression and a way of life.

What goes through your mind when you are preparing for a run during one of your shows?
I just like to stay calm and get the job done whilst having fun.

We talk Freestyle Motocross with Dallan Goldman

What are your favourite tricks to pull at the moment?
You know me, I love whips and whip tricks.

What new tricks are you busy working on?
Nothing really at the moment. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a foam pit here in South Africa, I pretty much have to travel across the world to get in one and with our exchange rate how it is, it’s almost impossible these days.

You have quite a cool setup with the Jungle Rush FMX crew. How often do you guys get to ride and put practice time in?
We try ride at least 2-3 times a week. I used to ride almost everyday but It’s difficult when there are not a lot of people to ride with locally.

Interview with FMX rider Dallan Goldman

What other training or practice do you do to help with your FMX?
The team trains at Bounce Inc South Africa few times a week to help with arial awareness, fitness and flexibility. Bounce has been doing wonders for us, you should book a session and see how awesome it is.

Unfortunately we don’t see any local FMX comps happening in SA. What do you think needs to be done to change that?
More riders and FMX compounds locally. Doesn’t help that all the compounds are in JHB and not up to standards. If the sport had more money backing it like it does overseas, I’m sure there would be a massive improvement this side.

Where would you like to see the sport go locally?
If we had half of the following Rugby/ Soccer does, I think FMX in SA would be huge. Hire us for the halftime games and we can show you how to use balls properly instead of chasing one [laughs].

Dallan Goldman riding at the Jungle Rush FMX park

If you could compete in any international event, which would it be and why?
I would like to compete in any major best whip events globally! X Games, Monster Energy Cup, etc. I feel there should be a representative rider from each country for each category, E.g. FMX/Step Up (Alastair Sayer), Best Whip (Dallan Goldman), etc. This gives all athletes from around the globe the chance to step up and get some international exposure/ ranking.

In your opinion, which riders are absolutely killing it at the moment?
I guess the Aussie’s have taken the crown at the moment. They had been pushing hard.

What would it take to get to their level?
I know if we had safe set ups and foam pit facilities athletes from South Africa would excel. I learnt to flip in two days at Maddo’s, Alastair (Sayer) has done one hand take off flips and is the only African rider doing Variation Grab flips. If we had the chance, I know the space for improvement is massive. Plus it would give up and coming riders like Scotty Billett and Mike Oyston the opportunity to learn flips/ flairs and body varials.

Freestyle Motocross rider Dallan Goldman at the Jungle Rush FMX park

How would best explain the feeling of flying through the air and pulling a perfectly extended trick?
Rewarding and free.

Any shout-outs?
Jungle Rush FMX, DC shoes, Bounce Inc, Dirt Nurse Cleaning Products, TRP Distributors, Thor MX, Ride 100 Percent, Yamaha, Skullcandy, AR Developments, Motul , Shoei, Metzeler, Full throttle and Andrea from Langston Racing. Family and friends, thanks for all the support. Without all you, this mission would have ended long ago.

Dallan Goldman usung Dirt Nurs Cleaning Products after a days riding

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