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Wednesday , 20 October 2021
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EFC Africa 17 – Fight Night of the Year

2012 saw some of the best MMA fights nights happen in the EFC Africa Championship but the last one of the year was one of the most anticipated and exciting of them all. EFC Africa 17 did not disappoint as a hugely talented fight card took to the hexagon for the last time this year. We made sure to be ringside to bring you all the action:

Fight 1: Featherweight – Ashley Calvert vs Alain Ilunga
Winner: Alain Ilunga
Both fighters came out and exchanged some leg kicks before Calvert took the fight to the ground and attempted a guillotine choke, Ilunga got out and the fight went back to standing. Ilunga landed a big kick to the ribs of Calvert dropping him to the ground and followed it up with some ground and pound before the fight was called 1 munutes 35 seconds into round one by verbal submission seeing Ilunga take the win.
EFC Africa
Fight 2: Featherweight – Francois Groenewald vs Koba Iakobidze
Winner: Francois Groenewald
Iakobidze went into the fight confident, hands down and taunting Groenewald. Groenewald took the fight to the ground quickly, got himself into control, locked Iakobidze’s arm down and landed some big punches to his face. Iakobidze tried to turn but gave up his back, Groenewald took advantage of this and landed a few more punches before locking in a rear naked choke forcing Iakobidze to tap out with only 20 second left in the round.
EFC Africa
Fight 3: Light Heavyweight – Lance Ceronio vs Gideon Drotschie
Winner: Gideon Drotschie
After a while of feeling each other out Ceronio caught on of Drotschie’s kicks and went in for the clinch which saw both fighters landing some uppercuts. Ceronio tried for a submission but Drotschie responded by taking the fight to the ground and locked in a rear naked choke. Ceronia was forced to tap out 3 minutes 27 seconds into round 1.
EFC Africa
Fight 4: Lightweight – Don Madge vs Hector Britts
Winner: Don Madge
Madge with another dominant fight. Britts managed to knock Madge to the ground with kick, Madge with the better ground game manoeuvred around Britts and tried to get into full mount before the fight went back to standing. Madge took the fight back to ground got himself into full mount and landed some ground and pound. Britts tried to turn it but Madge took his back and locked in a rear naked choke. Britts tapped out.
EFC Africa
Fight 5: Middleweight – Armand De Bruyn vs Pete Motaung
Winner: Armand De Bruyn
The fight started off with an exchange of heavy leg and body kicks. De Bruyn took the fight to the ground, Maotaung turned it and tried to land some ground and pound. De Bruyn tried with an armbar but was unsuccessful. The ref stood the fight back up and De Bruyn took it back to ground at the end of round 1.
In round 2 the fighters exchanged a few kicks and punched before De Bruyn went in for the takedown. This time more successful and locked in a rear naked choke which saw Motaung tap out.
EFC Africa
Fight 6: Featherweight – Leo Gloss vs Wesley Hawkey
Winner: Wesley Hawkey
Definitely one of the most exciting fights of the night that went the distance. All 3 rounds saw some great stand up trade. Jabs, combos, uppercuts, the fans were treated to it all. And in all 3 rounds Hawkey took it to the ground and controlled the fight landing some ground and pound. Gloss defended himself well and fought back but it wasn’t enough. Gloss took a beating and the fight went to the judges. 30 – 27, 30 – 27, 30 – 27 in favour of Hawkey. Hawkey stated that he wants the title fight against Pena.
EFC Africa
Fight 7: Featherweight – Boyd Allen vs Amos Hlatshwayo
Winner: Boyd Allen
This was one damn exciting 1 round fight. Both fighters exchanged some heavy hits. Allen did land the more precise punches and some good head kicks before they went into clinch and Allen took the fight to the ground. Allen got himself into full mount, moved Hlatshwayo to the cage side and landed some heavy ground and pound. Out of nowhere Hlatshwayo turned it but Allen turned it back and tried to lock in a rear naked choke. Hlatshwayo again turned it but Allen had the better ground game and turned it back, locked in a tight armbar and forced Hlatshwayo to tap out 4 minutes 46 seconds into round 1.
EFC Africa
Fight 8: Middleweight – JP Kruger vs Wade Henderson
Winner: JP Kruger
Round 1 saw a closely matched fight with some big hits exchanged and Henderson taking the fight to the ground a few times. Kruger let Henderson stand up a few times after they went to ground. Kruger definitely wanted to stand and bang but Henderson wanted the fight on the ground.
In rounds 2 and 3 Kruger dominated the fight by landing heavy punched. Henderson’s only defence to this was to try take the fight to the ground which he did but Kruger kept getting out and stood back up letting Henderson stand up as well. Towards the end of the fight Kruger landed a big punch square in the face of Henderson dazing him. The fight went to the judges. 30 – 27, 29 – 28 and 30 – 27 in favour of Kruger.
EFC Africa
Fight 9: Middleweight – Donavin Hawkey vs Liam Cleland
Winner: Liam Cleland
A fight that most thought Hawkey would dominate even Cleland himself. Cleland went in for the takedown early but Hawkey managed to get some punched in before they went into the clinch. Hawkey landed some heavy body punches before Cleland took the fight to the ground. Manoeuvring around each other Cleland got himself into full mount and rained down with heavy elbow ground and pound. The ref called the fight 4 minutes 45 seconds into round 1 due to verbal submission by Hawkey. Hawkey left a bloody mess and Cleland stated in the after fight interview “I’d like the title shot please”
EFC Africa
Fight 10: Welterweight – Dino Bagattin vs Dallas Jakobi
Winner: Dino Bagattin
Fight of the night! What the fans love to see, a stand up and trade fight which is exactly what this was. Jakobi landed a big kick to the head of Bagattin as the fight started stumbling Bagattin but he composed himself and went back in with some god combos. Rounds 1, 2 and 3 saw plenty of action with lots of punches and kicks being exchanged. Bagittin looked more precise and was always on the attack. Jakobi was looking damaged but still fighting back. In the final round Bagattin caught the former champ with a big right hand sending him stumbling. Bagattin followed it up by going in with more punches until the ref called the fight. Bagattin took the win by way of TKO.
EFC Africa
Fight 11: Welterweight – Martin Van Staden vs Jadyson Costa
Winner: Martin Van Staden
A highly anticipated fight and the fans got what they came to see. Round 1 was a closely matched fight with a good exchange of kicks and punches. Costa did get the fight to the ground but Van Staden got out and the fight stood back up.
In round 2 Van Staden was on the attack landing some good punches, kicks and 1 – 2’s. Costa tried to fight back and landed some leg kicks but Van Staden was too strong. Costa was swinging but didn’t land anything and even though he had his arms up Van Staden kept landing direct punches. Van Staden then dropped Costa and went in with more punches until the ref called the fight. Costa complained that the fight was called too early but he was not defending himself on the floor and was taking hits so the right decision was made by the ref. Van Staden wins by way of TKO 3 minutes 38 seconds into round 2.
EFC Africa
Fight 12: Lightweight Title Fight – Costa Ioannou vs Leon Mynhardt
Winner: Costa Ioannou
Ioannou went into this title fight with a game plan, stuck to it and it worked for him. Ioannou took the fight to the ground immediately and worked around Mynhardt for the rest of the fight trying with submission after submission. Mynhardt did well to get out of the submissions and defended himself well but eventually Ioannou locked in a rear naked choke that Mynhardt could not get out of and had to tap out with only a second or 2 left till the end of round 1.
In the after fight interviews Mynhardt stated that he is working on his ground game and that he will be back. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if the fight stayed standing up for a while.
Ioannou took the win and keeps his Lightweight Title belt, he also proposed to his girlfriend in front of all the EFC fans.
EFC Africa
Fight 13: Middleweight Title Fight – Jeremy Smith vs Darren Daniel
Winner: Jeremy Smith
Probably the most anticipated fight in EFC Africa history.  Both fighters came in hard. Daniel had the reach advantage with his kicks and capitalised with these, landing head kicks. Smith shook it off and kept coming back with heavy punches. Smith landed some hard body punches and Daniel retaliated with some knees. Smith caught Daniel with a left as Daniel was trying with a knee which saw Daniel slip to the floor. Smith took advantage and rained down on Daniel with big right hands.
The ref called the fight 2 minutes 38 second into the 1st round. Smith took the win by way of TKO and is still the undefeated Middleweight Champion. Daniel finally got up but was all over the place. Both fighters congratulated each other after the fight.
EFC Africa

EFC AFRICA 17 was presented by MusclePharm, BetXchange, RDG, Nemiroff Vodka, Everlast, Fighters Only magazine and Carnival City Casino.

EFC AFRICA returns to Carnival City on 1 March 2013 for EFC AFRICA 18. Tickets on sale at Computicket and tickets for the live broadcast to Nu Metro Cinemas available soon at

Broadcast information and fight card available at

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