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Dirt Kings Best Whip Contest Review

Probably the most talked about and hyped up Dirt Bike event to take place in recent years was the Dirt Kings Best Whip Contest that went down on Saturday night, 7th September, at Dirt Bronco’s in Joburg. Bringing top Freestyle Motocross and Motocross riders from around the country together in what was one insane night of sideways and upside down action.

Freestyle Motocross Best Whip
9 riders had already been selected for the final contest and an opening of 5 spots for wildcard riders was still available. A shootout comp was held earlier on in the day and gave riders the chance to compete for the final 5 wildcard spots.

The 9 selected riders were, Scott Billet, Chad Taylor, Grant Frerichs, Richard van der Westhuizen, Kerim Fitz-Gerald, Wyatt Avis, Ross Branch, Stewart Couper and Brendan Potter.
The 5 riders that made the wildcard spots were Danny Lailvaux, Shane Baynham, Michael Kok, Wesley Du Plooy and Caleb Tennant. With the amount of pre-contest practicing that riders had been putting in, everyone was throwing down huge whips and were well deserved finalists for the contest.

Freestyle Motocross Best Whip
At 6:30pm the sun was down and the lighting around the jump, which was a steel FMX take-off with a dirt landing, was set. Masses surrounded the area in anticipation of what was about to blow their minds. The format was run as 4 minute jam sessions between 2 riders with the top scoring rider making it through to the next round and the lower scoring rider being eliminated. The judges had a hard task on their hands going through the rounds with riders being scored on the amplitude of their whips, variation, technicality and crowd interaction.

Freestyle Motocross Best Whip
It was amazing to see how each and every rider put everything into their runs and most throwing bigger whips than they had ever done before. The first sets of elimination rounds had the crowds screaming for more as riders were eliminated and the competition got more intense. The riders also made sure to keep the vibes high with their crowd interaction by showing off and messing around in front of them in between their jumps. Burnouts, wheelies, goon riding and more were the order of the night. Michael Kok entertained with his signature dancing and even throwing out his helmet to the crowd after being eliminated. Grant Frerichs was another crown favourite with some crazy goon riding and throwing his goggles to the fans!

Freestyle Motocross Best Whip
It came down to the final runs of the evening with the 3rd place battle between crowd favourite, Grant Frerichs and Ross Branch. The 4 minute round saw huge whips from both riders but it was Grant who had more variation and who’s whips were slightly bigger to take 3rd place overall.

Freestyle Motocross Best Whip
The final was between Caleb Tennant and Chad Taylor. Caleb throwing huge whips to the right and Chad throwing huge whips to the left. Chad brought everything he had to the final and lay down some unbelievable whips. So big and upside down in fact that no one really knows how he got them back and managed to land them. There is no doubt that Chad’s whips are on par with X-Games Best Whip winner Josh Hansen, if not bigger. Fans where on their feet and it was Caleb that had to settle for 2nd place overall with an amazing performance that was just not enough to beat the Dirt Kings Best Whip contest winner, Chad Taylor. Grant Frerichs took the Dirt Nurse prize for the dirtiest style!

Freestyle Motocross Best Whip
A huge shout out goes to the sponsors, Monster Energy, Full Throttle, Dirt Nurse and Famous Stars and Straps. And to Laren van der Westhuizen from MXSA for organising this amazing event. Everyone celebrated at Monster Energy after party which went on into the early hours of Sunday morning. We cannot wait for the next one! Gnarly!

Freestyle Motocross Best Whip
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