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Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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Catching up with Nico Vink and the Royal Fest Build

Nico Vink is currently building at the Royal Hills MX Compound in the South of France, preparing the Moto/ MTB line for the upcoming Royal Fest taking place in July. Knowing Nico, who has free rein to build what he wants, this line is going to be insane!
We caught up with Nico to chat about the build and what we can expect…

Nico Vink is currently building in the South of France, preparing the Moto/ MTB line for the upcoming Royal Fest.

You’ve decided to put Loosefest on hold for this year and focus more on Royal Fest. What are your reasons for changing it up?
Last year it was the 4th edition of Loosefest and I felt like taking a year off from the event. Last year I didn’t really enjoy riding the event too much because I got to caught up in the organising. Taking a year off was definitely hard because I absolutely love Loosefest and the jumps but it felt like it was the right thing to do. I decided to focus on some other projects and ideas I been wanting to work on for a while.
Therefore I’m doing Royal Fest this year. For a couple years I’ve been wanting to build a Moto specific line and have a Moto and a Bike (MTB) line. It was super sick watching the Moto guys ride our jumps but felt it could be super cool if we could build some Moto specific jumps. Royal Hills has given me the opportunity to build these combined with the MTB Bike line.
People have been been waiting for another edition of Loosefest and I apologise for not having the event this year, but next year we’ll be back with the 5th edition – Loosefest XL.

Moto line from the Loosefest Series Loosefest Moto Line – Photo by Eric Palmer.
MTB line from the Loosefest Series Loosefest MTB Line – Photo by Eric Palmer.

Royal Hills looks like an amazing location, how did you manage to get to build and hold a Fest Series stop there?
Royal Hills is actually the first place I built a big bike jump line. RH is an Motocross compound in the South of France owned by a friend of mine. They’re super motivated to let me build there.

Do you have a team to help you build and plan the course?
For this build I’ve been on my own. It’s been me and a couple big Machines. I’ve been using a D6 and a 30T machine. For the last part of the build I got some BMX friends helping me out to do the final touches.

Nico Link currently building the Royal Fest Moto / MTB line
Interview with Nico Link about the new Royal Fest Moto / MTB line he is busy building

While building the DarkFEST line you had a few rules to stick to and some “no go”areas. Does the same apply to Royal Fest or do you have free rein over the land?
No restrictions for this build. RH kinda lets me build whatever is possible to build, with the time and budget we’ve got to do it.

All the Fest Series stops are known for crazy jumps, especially the ones you’re involved in on the digging/ building side. What kind of features/ distances have you got in store for Royal Fest?
My goal for this stop was to build some Moto specific stuff influenced by MTB and BMX. I’ve built a 100 foot Moto Sharkfin. The biggest Moto jump is in the line of 130 feet. All the other jumps in the Moto line are from 90 to 100 feet. We’ll also be able to connect the Moto line to the MTB line so we get some super sick crossover riding from Moto to Bikes.
For the Bike line I really want to build some super fun jumps that flow with options to pass each other. Next to that I’m experimenting with some different shapes. The bigger jumps in the line are varying from 60 to 70 feet. I’m trying to build something that’s scary and big, but fun to shred together with your friends.

One of the massive jumps being built for the Fest Series stop, Royal Fest

We take it that the rider invites have been sent out. Do you have a sneak peek rider list for us from anyone that’s confirmed?
Here’s a quick preview of the rider list – Andreu, Reynolds, C-Dog, Damon Iwanaga, Bas van Steenbergen, Ethan Nell, Adolf Silva, Rogatkin, DJ, Willian Robert, Vinny T, Remy Morton, Jasper Flashman, Ratboy, Loosedog Craig Evans, Gilles De Jong, Nez Parker, Hillsack, Ike Klaassen and Theo Erlangsen.
There might be a few more but these are the ones that have confirmed.  We lost Sorge due to an injury and couldn’t make it either.

Royal Hills in the South of France set to be the home of the Royal Fest motocross and mountain bike event

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