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Tuesday , 26 March 2019
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Brochella interview with I Believe In Giants

I Believe In Giants (IBIG) will be jamming alongside The Narrow, Knave, New Skyline Fire and Hiraeth at Brochella presents The Narrow, Knave and more at Rumours Rock City on Friday 21 September 2018.
The band have injected that nostalgic punk rock vibe back into the local scene combining years of experience from bands that the members have been a part of in the past. We caught up with the frontman, Jean Lombard, to discuss the immediate success the band has had over the past year.
Also, keep a look out on for a full review of their new EP ‘Sink Or Swim’ coming soon.

I Believe In Giants talk to us about their performance at the upcoming Brochella

IBIG kind of just burst onto the scene and have made an immediate impact. How long was the band together before making their debut performance and what was the thought process when launching?
When my previous music project ended, I still really wanted to continue to play music and create something I am super passionate about, so I started working on the idea of I Believe In Giants in 2015 already. So it’s been coming for a while.
I wanted to launch this project with a bang! Our first show was with The Narrow in September 2017. So in the beginning of 2017, when it came to getting guys to join the band, I knew that I wanted guys that would fit the specific positive image and idea I had. The band needed guys that have been around the block a bit and knew how things worked; it just makes the whole process so much easier and more enjoyable.
So my good friends Arno Venter from Held On Till May joined on guitar/ vocals, Hein Kruger from Straatligkinders on bass, Konstant de la Porté on guitar and most recently, the beast Spencer Harvey (ex Dead Will Tell) joined us on drums. He is honestly the best drummer any of us have played with, ever!

The band features members from past bands such as City Of Heroes and Straatligkinders. How has the experience from playing in those bands affected the mindset and goals of IBIG?
We definitely learnt a lot from those projects. This time around it’s a lot more about making music we enjoy and not worrying so much about fitting into a mould of what will get radio play etc. We know where to focus our energy, what not to worry about and work a lot smarter. Everyone in the band has experience and knows what they’re doing which makes it an awesome environment to be in. Everything we do will always be a certain high level we set for ourselves and we’ll push to try and make something great from this, but at the end of the day it’s about just really enjoy everything about playing music. It’s then when you produce your best work.

IBIG had an incredible EP launch for ‘Sink Or Swim’ at Railways Café. What was the best part of that show for you?
Thank you very much, it was so much fun. Railways Café in Centurion is an awesome venue with great character. I think my favourite part of the show was the lighting haha, we had the guys from ReSound bring in some extra lighting which really brought another dimension to the show. It was also awesome having Garth Barnes from CrashCarBurn joining us on stage for Kings of the Sky, a track he features on and co-wrote.

Sink Or Swim is one of the coolest releases this year to come out of South Africa. Who was the main writing force behind the tracks?
The writing and recording was done over quite a long period on an off between myself, Arno and producers Chris Laco and Karl Müller. It was my first time on main vocals so it was an awesome new experience from that point of view, having to work out the best key and melodies for the songs to suit my voice.
We did two awesome collabs on the EP, which I really enjoyed. Firstly Garth Barnes from CrashCarBurn co-wrote and featured on the track Kings of the Sky, and secondly Bryan McLagan from The Finkelstiens/Don’t Panic co-wrote and featured on the track Against All Odds. Growing up I listened to both these guys and they inspired me to start playing music in the first place, so it was awesome getting the chance to work with both of them

The video for ‘Never Say Die’ is outstanding and something very original for local audiences. What was the shoot like and how many hours/ days did it take?
We wanted to do something different, fun and upbeat to match the style of our music. The video was filmed at Bounce Inc. in Fourways, by Brendan Barnes (the best cinematographer in South Africa).
We probably had about 6 hours to shoot it everything, as it was on a Sunday night after closing time. So we had to get a move on.
We recruited some pro parkour guys, Gideon du Preez, Jordache Steyn, Bjorn de Klerk and Welcome Mtshali to be in the opposing team with my youngest brother Pierre Lombard rounding off their team. Their skills are really next level amazing and brought a whole new dynamic to the video. We also asked Mr Garth Barnes from Crashcarburn to feature as the referee in the video. He has the most amazing moustache in the world.
It was really loads of fun shooting it, we had the whole place to ourselves and the guys from Bounce were really accommodating. You just realize very quickly how out of shape you are after jumping around on trampolines for a couple of minutes. Hein actually tore his ligaments in his ankle in one of the dodgeball scenes which we shot first and he still had to shoot the band performance parts. What a machine!
PS. Some extra info on the track. The song starts with a quote from the movie Hook, “To live would be an awfully big adventure”. We gave a nod to that in the name of the opposition team the “Neverland Vikings”. The whole Peter Pan theme is also echoed in a line from the chorus “We are the kids that will never say die”.

What can audiences expect from an IBIG show? Any nostalgic favourites thrown in?
It’s all about upbeat positivity energy! So get ready to jump around… a lot. Yeah with IBIG we throw in some covers of songs we just enjoy listening to and playing, old and new, so be sure to warm up your vocal chords before an IBIG show cause you’ll definitely be singing or screaming along somewhere in the show.
If you like bands like A Day To Remember and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! then you’ll like this.

What is the band looking forward to the most on 21 September with The Narrow and Knave?
We are super amped to be on the line up for this show! Some of the other guys have, but I personally haven’t played a show at the new Rumours Rock City yet so really looking forward to that. The Narrow is also part of the New Hope Clothing Family of bands so it’s always great to share the stage with them. The show will also be our guitarist Konstant’s last show with us as heading to the US so looking forward to making it a special one for him so he can go out with a bang! With The Narrow and Knave on the bill it brings back some nu-metal nostalgia so we might have something special planned to add to that. You’ll have to come through to the show to find out! So get your pre-sale tickets now!

If you could bring back one local act from the dead for one co-headlining performance with yourselves, who would it be?
Definitely The Finkelstiens. I had the pleasure of playing with them a couple of times, when they were still going, with previous projects and we always had the best time. Amazing bunch of guys. Bryan McLagan is the boss!

Get to know punk rock band, I Believe In Giants

Who sponsors the band’s white t-shirts and Vans? It seems like everyone has the same dress code on stage.
[Laughs] would be great if those were sponsored, Vans ZA we’d love to chat. It’s pretty much all you see on our EP launch pics, that and Fender guitars. For our EP launch we matched the wardrobe of our EP artwork so that’s where the torn white shirts etc comes in. I think it’s cool for bigger shows like that to “dress up” and create a theme. Regarding the shoes…Hein, Arno and Konstant definitely love their Vans. I’m an Adidas man, it’s all I own, I might have a problem haha and Spencer rocks his Reebok’s.

Any shout outs?
Yeah to New Hope Clothing (, go check them out, they really have some awesome clothing. Tigerfight Music and Karl Müller Music for all the help with our EP, we’re really proud of the end product. Mike Pocock from Brochella for adding us onto the bill for an epic show, really can’t wait! And to everyone supporting the band, whether you’re coming out to our shows or buying merch or downloading our music we really appreciate all the support!

BROCHELLA Presents The Narrow, Knave and More

Tickets for Brochella presents The Narrow, Knave & more are now available via for only R80. Tickets can be purchased here. Tickets will also be available on the night for R120 at the door.
Join the conversation and follow Brochella on Facebook here.
Visit the Facebook Event Page for more info.

Photo by Chris Preyser.

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