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Saturday , 15 June 2019
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BMX DAY 2016 – Johannesburg

Review, photo gallery and highlights video from BMX Day 2016 – Johannesburg (Saturday 23 July).

BMXDAY 2016 Johannesburg - Squad rolling deep
BMX DAY 2016 Johannesburg

As we rolled up to Museum Africa it was pretty clear we were going to have a huge crew. Already at 10am there was a posse 50 deep playing game of bike and entertaining themselves on the various jibs that the meet up spot had to offer. It’s always cool coming up to Joburg and meeting so many new faces and all the different styles that come with it.

Darren Oatley - Switch pegs whip at the warm up spot - Africa Museum
Darren Oatley – Switch pegs whip

While we waited for some of the notorious late risers to arrive, Rico Ribeiro from the Evals BMX broke out the flat rail and his gnarly wooden kicker that looked like something out of Hot Rod. I’ve never seen so many tricks go down on a flat rail in such a short space of time! Standouts in my mind were Darren Oatley’s switch pegs whip, Hann Jansen’s backwards crook wizardry and Nathi Steeze’s backwards manual combos. Paul Soderlund managed to stick a super long manual line while dodging 100 riders and pedestrians just in time for a quick group shot before we hit the streets with the mob.

Jason Hood - Taking the Ray Malinga best trick with a wild whip into a massive bank
Jason Hood – Taking the Ray Malinga best trick – whip into a massive bank

From that point on, the whole day pretty much turned into a blur of cranking around town, blocking traffic, incidents with the cops, handing out a large amount of tubes after riding a sketchy glass filled bank under the highway, followed by witnessing Murray Loubser and Jason Hood lay down two bangers on a crazy setup which can only be illustrated in the gallery and video.

Murray Loubser - Dominating the Evals BMX long jump contest
Murray Loubser – Dominating the Evals BMX long jump contest

Just when everyone thought the day was over, someone suggested a long jump contest. While I’d never openly condone such a thing because of them being notoriously sketchy and dangerous, there were more than a few willing candidates ready to send themselves off the kicker to their doom. I swear if some of these kids moms saw what was going on, their bikes would be up for sale the next day. Luckily no one got seriously injured, Sean Fritz definitely has a guardian angel or something – after taking a massive slam (watch video) he took home a tough as nails package from Fox earning himself a new helmet, which was quite fitting.

Huge shout out to everyone that made it out this year, the Botswana crew and the brands that got involved. Monster Energy, Vans, Evals BMX, Hunter BMX, 1933 Classic Tattoos and Fox.
Special mention goes out to Hann Jansen for all the help leading the pack to spots. Kevin Schnider and Grant Mclachlan for handling the visuals. We hope jams like this inspire you to continue pushing and remind you that we’re all part of one big family! #BMXDAY has become a global success! #Bepartofit

Words by Colin Loudon
Photos by Grant Mclachlan
Video by Kevin Schnider

Photo Gallery:

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