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#SunriseSession with David Goosen

Let us set the scene – It’s a cold winter morning and we’re at a private motocross track situated in the farmlands amongst the hills of Heidelberg. David Goosen, one of the country’s fastest and most stylish riders, is there for a #SunriseSession, and we’re there to capture it.
Massive whips, bar dragging and fast-paced riding all thrown into one package. We’re proud to bring you this edit coupled with awesome photos and interview below.
Brought to you by Motul.

Full name: David Goosen

Nickname: Goose

Age: 26

Hometown: Durban

Years racing: 22 years

Class: MX1 and MX2

Bike: YZ450F and YZ250F

Sponsors: Tintswalo Out of Africa, Monster Energy, Yamaha, Fox South Africa, Motul and AMP

David Goosen getting prepared to ride the motocross track

Give us some background into your racing career?
I started racing at the age of 4 in Zimbabwe. I raced there for many years, and traveled down to South Africa for the National Motocross when I started becoming a bit more competitive. We eventually moved to south Africa and during that stay I won the South African High-School Championship in 2007. Following that I moved over to the UK with my mom, dad and 2 sisters. I spent 6 years racing, working and everyday living in the UK. A few years ago I took an opportunity to return to South Africa for some more racing and 4 years later I am still here and making the most out of it.

What was it like racing the European scene compared to racing here?
It was tough. I loved it, I was terrified of it and I miss it. I could compare it to a soccer player in South Africa, he can be good or even great but when he goes overseas, he is still that same great player, yet he is just one of so many good or great players. The struggle was real and while results were not always where they could have been, I still put away some really good races. It was just always very tough on me and especially the family.

#SunriseSession with David Goosen motocross video

What have been some of your highlight races?
My top overseas races would be winning a British supercross round in Birmingham. That was great and so many fans and friends were there. Another one was round 5 of the 2010 British championship, I had a great day qualifying in 9th and went 6-5-9 for 5th overall. That was great for me. I had a few wins in the school boy racing in the UK as well, they were always cool and good fun. In Harrismith last year my dad came out to watch me race and have a holiday from the UK, I ended up winning both classes and I’ll remember that forever.

What does the sport of motocross mean to you?
Motocross is such a great sport. I am so mad about motorbikes. It’s everything. I eat, sleep and dream motocross and when I get to ride or race it’s even better. At times I like having a break from it as it gets a bit much racing at a high level. It’s hard being on the clock all the time. I feel like I understand motocross, I can relate to it and any picture or video or even conversation. I like all aspects of motorbike riding but nothing comes close to motocross for me.

#SunriseSession with David Goosen motocross interview

Sitting on the gate, about to bang bars for that holeshot – what’s going through your mind?
Well obviously straight off the bat I am hoping for a good start. It can help so much and make the race so much easier. Especially on our South African style tracks where passing can be quite hard. Otherwise, I am just focusing on what lies ahead of me and in a way, planning the outcome I would like to see. Nerves are always there and like many people say, if you don’t get those nerves then what you doing it for?

What does your training regime consist of and what do you do to make sure your’e fit and ready for race day?
Bike fitness is probably my biggest focus as it’s exactly what we do. You can be a great cyclist or swimmer but at the end of the day we race motocross so I want to put most of my time and focus into that. I do other cardio type sports to keep the base fitness levels up and to be honest, I enjoy sport so I just incorporate sport I like to my programme.

Davis Goosen talks motocross and his career

What does your preparation for race day entail?
First off is taking a day leave from work. It is awesome for me to get the day off [laughs], I don’t need much more prep than that. Otherwise just goggles and packing kit etc.

How do you separate work and racing?
It’s definitely got to be separated slightly as it gets too much. I try to just keep a good balance of them by being focused on both but there is a time and a place for each. Work is very important and the racing is also more pressure but I seem to have it balanced out quite nicely. Sometimes I just wish I could have break but then that’s life for you. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

We interview David Goosen about his motocross career

How would you sum up your 2017 race season so far?
2017 has been pretty good thus far. I felt quite unprepared coming into it but I have been up there at each round. We are currently lying in a good space, 2nd in MX1 and 1st in MX2, entering the last bit of the season with 3 rounds to go. I will just keep improving and doing my best until each checker flag.

Sitting in a good position to take the championships. What’s it going to take in these final rounds?
Some wins are going to help. I hope I can get a few more of those in the next few races. Otherwise just keeping a level head and keeping this dream alive.

Motocross whip by David Goosen

Which riders do you look up to?
The two guys that I look up to would be Tyla Rattray and Gareth Swanepoel. They both are from South Africa and had great careers overseas. These two guys are still known globally for their racing and careers in the sport. I also appreciate the help they have given me over the years.

Which tracks are your favorite to race, and why?
Teza in Richards Bay is South Africa’s best track by far. It’s great and has big, flowing jumps, sweeping turns with multiple lines. I used to love Desertmartin track in Northern Ireland, which is probably the best track I have ever been to. Generally I prefer hard-pack tracks though, I just seem to be a bit stronger on those harder surfaced tracks.

David Goosen throwing his Yamaha sideways for the camera

You threw down some solid whips while filming for this feature, explain the feeling?
The track we filmed at is pretty awesome for a start. It has great jumps that allow you to do big whips. I enjoyed it and it’s a cool feeling hanging off the side of the bike. I just don’t look down and stay focus on the landing.

And the dragging bars segment?
I wanted to get something like this into the feature for sure and when I had got the lines formed a bit I knew we could get it done. I gave the heads up so that we could definitely get the shot. It turned out nicely and it’s cool to get the shot of me riding it out as many people criticize that sort of thing.

David Goosen dragging bars though the corner

What do you like to do with you down time?
I love chilling when I get the chance to. I spend most of my time with my fiancé, Shannon and we do all sorts together. Movies, mountain biking or just hanging out. Always something but a chilled night in front of the TV is always great.

What are your words to live by?
I really believe – work hard, be nice and life will treat you well.

What’s next for David Goosen?
I have a wedding soon, in three months and I can’t wait [laughs]. I can’t say I know where this road is taking me but I feel like it’s to good places, let’s see.

Sunrise Session video and interview session with David Goosen

Video by Obsession Media House

Photo Gallery:

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