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Sunday , 24 March 2019
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Lark Interview & New Album Details

This Friday, 27 July, sees the release and first launch of the new LARK album, GONG IS STRUCK, at Trinity in Cape Town. The album, which took two years to complete and is written by Inge Beckmann and produced by Paul Rez, is the band’s third studio album.

GONG IS STRUCK, the name which was inspired by a quotation Inge read in a book on spiritualism, took two years to complete. All pre-production and guide vocals were done long distance via emails and Skype. Vocals, drums and bass were tracked in South Africa at Sound & Motion Studio and MEME Studio. The album then was mixed in SA and London and mastered in London by Nick Watson and Tim Debney at Fluid Mastering.

The album can be described as more tribal and slightly heavier than any of LARK’s previous releases and includes inspiration from themes such as mythology, immortality, gods, tribes, gender, war, superstition and witchcraft.  

We chat to Inge Beckmann ahead of Lark’s latest release…

Band: LARK

Members: Inge Beckmann/Paul Ressel/Simon ‘Fuzzy’ Ratcliffe/ Mr Sakitumi

Label: NEXT

Albums: Mouth of Me (EP), Mouth of Me (Album), Razbliuto (Album), ‘V’ single, Brave remix EP(Onion records), Feather and a dagger DVD

Years performing: 9 years

You’ve all been in the industry a while – what have been some of the greatest developments and changes you’ve seen over the past 10 years? 

It has been good to see the local scene bloom. A lot of cool local acts have popped up over the years and this is very positive for our overall growth as a scene.

What’s the upside and downside to being in the industry?

Financially unpredictable.

Over the years – you’ve developed almost a cult like fanbase – how have your fans influenced you over the years, from music to gigging preferences etc.

I am not creatively influenced by my fans. Their enjoyment inspires me however.

How have your influences changed since you guys first started out?

We have become more organic over the years. The staunch electro element is still there with regards to production but our live sound is a lot more rock. The new album is also more simple and decisive.

What was the last local album you bought or downloaded?

Markus Wormstorm- Not I but a friend.

Which local festival is closest to your heart(s) and why? 

The various festivals cater for various thrills. A strong local line-up at a festival always gets me excited. The international acts obviously carry weight but it is the local line-up that carries the whole show in my opinion. So I personally tend to follow festivals with good line ups. Other elements play a major role too of course:  Splashy Fen for its beauty, RTD for good artist treatment and Oppikoppi for the massive crowds and so the list goes on.

Tell us – what’s it really like behind the scenes of awards ceremonies?

It is super exciting. Of course it feels great winning a SAMA.

The SAMA gift bag – what’s been the best thing you’ve ever received in there?

When we won the SAMA in 2007 we did not get a gift bag. I think it’s changed over the years. I know this year’s winners received a lot of amazing gifts.

How did the Haezer remix of Brave come to be?

Haezer did a remix of Brave for our ‘V’ single and then a bunch of electro/dance producers in Europe did a few remixes of the same song under an Italian label called Onion Records.

What can fans of Lark expect from you guys this year and in the future? Any plans for some new songs?

Releasing GONG IS STRUCK at the end of July. We will be touring the album over the next few months. There are 4 main launches starting on the 27th of July at Trinity in Cape Town.

LARK Album Launch Tour:

27 July / Trinity / Cape Town / 21h00 / R60
28 July / Arcade Empire / Pretoria / 20h00 / R60
3 August / Klein Libertas / Stellenbosch / 20h00 / R60
4 August / Live – The Venue / Durban / 21h00 / R60

Pre-sale tickets available at R50 on

GONG IS STRUCK will be available at all launch shows, as well as in all major retailers and digitally at Look ‘n Listen Online,, iTunes, Rhythm Music Store, etc.




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