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Monday , 16 July 2018
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Home » Sports » Mountainbiking » Zerode Taniwha available in South Africa

Zerode Taniwha available in South Africa

Whether you enjoy riding for fun or racing to win, the Zerode Taniwha will inspire you to ride on any trail, in any conditions. This incredible, and unique, Enduro MTB machine is now available in South Africa and we’ve got all the details on what gives this bikes its edge.

The Zerode Taniwha Enduro Mountain Bik now available in South Africa

The highlight of the Zerode is its 12 speed Pinion gearbox. That’s right, a mech-less bike that is ready to shred and offers a spread of gears that goes beyond the usual 1×11. No more worries of gears skipping caused by derailleur bashing or wearing. The Zerode Pinion gearbox provides seamless shifting, up or down, even when your bike is covered in mud, changing gears is effortless and immediate. Maintenance and tuning of the gearbox is almost non-existent, bar a 60ml oil chance once a year, and chain/ sprocket live is massively extended.

The Zerode Taniwha featuring the Pinion gearbox system

The reduction in unsprung weight results in a suspension performance that is comparably better than any Enduro bike equipped with a rear derailleur. This effective and proven suspension platform combined with the fixed chain line optimizes pedaling performance throughout the travel range.

The Zerode Taniwha Enduro MTB machine in its natural habitat

The sleek full carbon frame offers reduced weight, excellent stiffness, modern geometry and very good looks. With the weight moved to the middle of the bike and keeping it close to the ground maximises handling performance by improving the balance of the chassis. The bike will stay more stable while the wheels are planted on the ground giving more grip and increasing turning and braking efficiency.

The Zerode Taniwha in action on the MTB trails of Cape Town

Zerode Taniwha Factory Edition

Drivetrain: Pinion P1.12
Brakes: SRAM Guide Ultimate
Fork: Fox 36 factory Boost
Shock: Fox Float X2 Factory
Rims: cSixx Carbon END 9Series 27.5
Hubs: Zerode / SRAM
Cockpit: Renthal Fatbar
Stem: Renthal Apex
Seatpost: RS Reverb Dropper
Saddle: Fabric
Grips: ODI

For more info visit the Zerode Bikes website –
Contact: (+27) 82 855 1877 or (+27) 72 171 3278

Expect to pay R129 900.00.
Price includes delivery and setup of the bike using 2 Shockwiz devices to make sure you get the best of your bike.

Photos by Bjorn Kumpers.

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