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Friday , 20 July 2018
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Win a Copy of Injustice 2

We’re celebrating the release of Injustice 2 by giving away a copy of the game to 2 of our lucky readers!

To enter, tell us which in-game Super Hero or Super Villain is your favorite character and why?
Leave your answers in the comments section below, and tell us which platform you’d like the game on.


We're celebrating the release of Injustice 2 by giving away a copy of the game to 2 of our lucky readers! Enter here.

*Winners announced on the 30th May 2017. Open to South African residents only.

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  1. Batman – he’s got the money, he’s got the deep voice, he’s got the girl and he’s got the tech to beat the S*&% out of your opponents.


  2. Gorilla Grodd. He is massive, supper strong and rediculously intelligent! Who wouldn’t want to be a gorilla it telekinetic abilities.

  3. Green Lantern – He can create anything he can think up. Perfect for defense and offence.

  4. Leon du Plessis

    Flash. In theory he can slap nine kinds of snot out of you before you even blink. Speed trumps all!


  5. Supergirl! For me, she is a remarkable character with valour and strength. And of course she represents women 🙂

  6. Aquaman. This poor dude gets alot of internet hate because he can talk to fish. But he is a superhero who I feel is definitely going to take the world by storm and get a better reputation soon.

  7. The Flash. Hes the fastest man alive with a good heart. He can also go back in time and alter it and he can travel to the future.

  8. Oops I forgot, my console choice is XboxOne

  9. Always Batman. Can’t beat a great brain!

  10. the joker, he is calculating, and provides the moral rot so to speak (PS4)

  11. John Vinjevold

    The Joker hands down.

    – Batman’s number 1 archenemy
    – Criminal mastermind
    – Sociopath
    – Sneaky bugger
    – Trickster
    – Unpredictable

    Just some of the reasons this colour character is my favourite from Injustice 2.

    Platform of choice would be PS4.

    “Why so serious?”

  12. Harley Quinn! I enjoy her agility and creative moves. and of course her complete insanity makes it so fun to play with her.
    also, I have a PS4 🙂

  13. Yolandi Garside

    The Joker has always been my favorite. His got the crazy look, laugh and the best weapons to match: exploding woopy cushions and cigars, acid spewing flower and poisonous pies!

  14. I like Shazam the most literally just so that I can spam move my Shazam lightning bolt #EddyGordoMoves

  15. I like the Green Arrow. The guy is witty and funny as hell, so it makes his comics really fun!

    on top of all that…I mean, COME ON… the guy is a member of the justice league with no superpowers other than his inhuman marksmanship, and has taken foes down that possess superhuman strength, invulnerability, flight even the GREEN LANTERN! (What?!)

    So hands DOWN, Green Arrow.

    I really enjoyed injustice one, would love to play injustice 2 on the ps4!

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