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Friday , 22 June 2018
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Win a copy of Deadpool

Releasing on the 28th June for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC, Deadpool is a game that we’re all anxious to get our hands on.
No need to worry, we have your back. We are giving a copy of this kick-ass game away to one luck reader on a platform of their choice and it is super simple to enter.

Playstation 3 Xbox 360 Deadpool
To stand a chance of winning, leave a caption for the below pic of Deadpool relieving himself in the comments sections at the bottom of this page.

The most creative and insane comment will win! So get your creative minds together and start posting…good luck!

Playstation 3 Xbox 360 Deadpool

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  1. “My gun is small compared to what I’m packing in my pants”

  2. “This is how big Niel’s Party Naartjies are…. Psyche!”

  3. Damn being a copywriter sure is cool… Think of all the games you can win with your puffy slogans.

  4. Guy on the left “HAHAHA that is very pee-ceptive of you DP”

  5. Keanu Reis De Franca

    ”No need to re-load that mini gun”

  6. Give me a sec, i’m attending to lil’ winie here, 😉

  7. I was this close to pissing myself!

  8. I only have enough urine to write ‘Dead Po’!

  9. Michelle Hercules


  10. Oooh you like to watch hey?

  11. Brendan Nicholls

    Don’t worry bro, its not that small….

  12. Donovan Meintjes

    9mm, and I don’t mean his side-arm…

  13. “Lol the dude next to me has a small one”

  14. “Almost there …”

  15. “I’m one inch from scoring the chick at the bar, he’s got one inch to score with the chick from the bar”

  16. “Just that much Bigger and it could fit into my chimichanga…..CHIMICHANGAS!!!”

  17. “Geez,Talk about a little tortilla boy”

  18. “If you know what I mean”

  19. Well that explains the big guns.

  20. “Wait your turn…”

  21. give these guys next to me bigger guns, they need to compensate for the lack of a manhood

  22. Marcciano Wyngaard

    His dick’s so small, he just pissed on his nuts.

  23. “Geez its this cold in here…”

  24. Hey hey no pics please, a human mutate’s gotta pee to you know!

  25. Your partner’s is this much larger then yours

  26. Yeah, and that’s how you do it – Deadpool Style!

  27. i shoot from the hip… dead men tell no tales…. now piss off !!!

  28. “Hey look!!! This guy is packin it Wolverine sized… Pitty you can’t regenerate your pride Logan…”

  29. Hein van Vollenhoven

    “I’m soooooo glad chimichangas are bigger than… That!! CHIMICHANGAS!!!”

  30. “Where is the zipper on this suit?”

  31. That was enough to fill a dead pool!!

  32. “Some of the time I use really big words to make myself sound more photosynthesis…..”

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