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Friday , 22 June 2018
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Under Over with Nick De Wit and Glen Dell

In early September Red Bull put this incredible stunt, under over, together which involved Freestyle Motocross rider, Nick De Wit Backflipping his dirt bike over the low flying acrobatics aircraft piloted by Glen Dell. The stunt came together perfectly and is absolutely incredible. We got to interview Nick about the project and how it came together.

Sadly, Glen died just a month after the stunt was performed and after we had interviewed Nick in a crash at the Secunda air show. The amazing stunt was captured and now released in this awesome video which is a tribute to the aviation hero, Glen Dell.

The Interview with Nick De Wit:

How did the idea come about?
The idea came about by me going for a flight with the master Glen del and then us chatting and we thought that it would be awesome if I could flip over him in mid air. We approached Red Bull and put it together and they helped us make it happen.

How long have you and Red Bull been working on the idea?
We have been working on the project for about 3 years now but we wanted to make sure all was right and that we had the best location for the Project.

Where did the jump take place?
We did a lot of searching and threw a lot of location ideas around but we came up with Zebula Golf Estate because it is an awesome location, set in the African bush and had everything we needed to make the project happen.

What was the intention in doing this stunt?
Well the obvious was to jump over the plane but there was a lot more behind it. We wanted to be the first in SA to do this and then we also wanted to make a whole production out of it and document it so we could get all the footage. We also changed it up a bit and had Glen fly at 155MPH between the rams so the timing was crucial.

How much preparation and calculation went into the jump before you did it?
We had a lot of preparation and looking for the right location was one of the biggest things. With a project like this there is a lot on the line so we had to make sure all was perfect.

What type of preparation and calculation went into it?
Location, timing, Equipment prep, right filming and photo angles and a whole lot more behind the scenes stuff.

How many times did you actually jump over the plane?
I did a few run ups to work out the timing and then one straight jump, which was almost right with the timing and then flipped 3 times. On the third we got the timing perfect and got the shots we needed. so in total 3 times.

Freestyle Motocross rider Nick De Wit backflips over a low flying plane
What was going through your mind as you were about to jump for the first time?
I was totally in the zone and I was just concentrating on the gap and the timing and nothing else was in there at that moment.

What was the scariest part of this stunt?
The scariest part of the stunt was at 2am before the stunt when I woke up and my head started playing games with me. I just told myself I knew what I was doing, I trusted glen and his skills and overpowered the doubt.

What was it like once you hit the take-off and saw the plane flying towards you?
To be honest, when the plane went under me I didn’t see much. It went through at 155mph and it was  over in a split second. I could just hear the sound of the plane and the breath being knocked out of me by the shock wave.

With the speed that the plane was flying, did it change anything up while you were in the air?
It came through at 155mph and I took off prepared for anything and was 100% confident that we knew what we were doing.

Who was involved in this stunt that you would like to thank?
I would like to thank everyone that helped make the project happen, The Red Bull guys, the whole film and photo crew and my Wife Rox for the support on the day and especially to Glen for knowing what he was doing and his excellent work.

What was the overall experience like for you?
It was a really awesome experience and dream come true because to do and setup a project like that is near impossible and with the help of Red Bull it all was made possible.

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