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Monday , 21 May 2018
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Ultimate X 2014 The Review

The 2014 Hunters eXtreme Ultimate X took place this past weekend and we have to admit that we’re pretty depro that it’s over. We saw the best from all the athletes that took part in the Wakeboarding, BMX, Skateboarding, Freestyle Motocross and MTB events. We saw the best setup ever at Ultimate X and an abundance of action sports fans through the gates to support South Africa’s biggest action sports festival.

The BMX park at Ultimate X 2014 was international quality
A huge shout-out goes to Markus Museler for putting such a successful event together. The park was of international standard and the best we have ever seen in South Africa with more hits, obstacles and lines than ever before. Check out our review and photo gallery of what went down during this epic event.


The perfect event in the heat of the day with spectators lining the water’s edge, feet in the water to catch the action. Each rider had 6 passes in the qualifying rounds and 8 passes in the finals. The two tower cable system worked wonders pulling the riders through the canal and over the obstacles which included a Rooftop Slider, a Flatbox Slier and a Kicker.

Insane Wakeboarding action at Ultimate X 2014
The qualifying rounds were intense as the field was narrowed down to just 4 riders making it through to the finals, Dylan Mitchell and Jason Colborne from South Africa, Jordan Darwin from Spain and Sam Carne from England. Jason Colborne killed it on the Rooftop Slider all day but didn’t have the best run in the final and just missed out on the podium position.

Wakeboarding at its best at Ultimate X 2014
The Spaniard, Jordan Darwin landed a massive Indy Tantrum to Blind off the Kicker, a Nosepress Backlip on the Rooftop and a Nosepress Back 3 out on Flatbox to secure himself 3rd place. Sam Carne impressed with a big Pete Rose off the Kicker and a 270 Frontboard 270 out on the Rooftop to claim 2nd overall. It was SA’s Dylan Mitchell that put together the most impressive runs that included a huge Pete Rose off the Kicker and a 270 Backlip Back 90 Out on the Rooftop to secure 1st place overall. Jordan Darwin was awarded the Best Trick prize.

The Wakeboarding area at Ultimate X was perfect


One of the most insane battles we have ever seen took place in the BMX park contest on the best park ever featured at Ultimate X. A number of local and international riders took to the course to put down their best runs in the hopes of taking top honours. Last year’s champion, Greg Illingworth was unfortunately out of the contest due to injury but made great work of the mic commentating the event.

The BMX park at Ultimate X 2014
The 18 strong competitor field was eliminated down to 8 riders in the final. Malcom Peters rode the best we’ve ever seen him ride and put on an unforgettable run with some of the biggest tricks seen in the contest. His Backflip Tailwhips,  360 Tailwhips, Tailwhip across the Quarter Pipe Gap and his new trick, the 360 Tailwhip to Barspin, amongst others earned him 3rd place overall as well as the Best Trick award.

Malcom Peters blew minds at Ultimate X in the BMX contest
It was the international riders that ran away with the top steps of the podium. UK rider Paul Ryan had so much technical skill linking up trick after trick on the street side of the course. He also impressed with his 720 on the Quarter Pipe and took 2nd place overall. It was the French rider, Maxime Charveron that put it all together in the final, landing big 360 variations, opposite 360 variations and a big Flare over the Quarter Pipe Gap taking home the 1st place.

The winner of the BMX contest at Ultimate X 2014, Maxime Charveron


A stacked 25 skater qualifying rounds were complete mayhem with skaters tearing apart the new and improved course. The course was a bit tight with a lot of obstacles being places really close to each other but the skaters got used to it quickly and lay everything in the line.

The Skateboarding contest at Ultimate X was complete mayhem
The skaters were eliminated down to a 10 skater final and then to a 4 skater super final. Alan Morola was on form and put down impressive runs to take 3rd overall. Adam Woolf looked like the heat was getting to him in the final but he kept it together and landed almost every trick he attempted earning himself 2nd place overall. Moses Adams was untouchable and linked together trick after trick landing perfectly every time. It was Moses Adams’ game from the get go and he took home a well deserved 1st place.

Alan Morola took 3rd in the Skateboarding contest at Ultimate X

Freestyle Motocross

The crowd favourite at Ultimate X. Once those engines start up, the masses line the fencing to watch the high flying action. Although FMX is not run as a contest at Ultimate X but rather a show, the riders put their all into their runs.

Huge Rock Solid by Alastari Sayer during the FMX show at Ultimate X
This year the riders included, Scott Billett, Mike Oyston, Stewart Couper, Shaun Blaauw, Dallan Goldman and Alastair Sayer. It was good to see Shaun Blaauw back in action after taking a few years off from the scene and still putting down full extension tricks.

Freestyle Motocross at Ultimate X is a crowd favourite
The masses were wowed as always as the riders put on 3 mind-blowing shows throughout the day making sure they interacted with the fan which had them screaming for more. Each show consisted of the riders starting off with their smaller tricks, teasing the crowds, before unleashing their bigger and more impressive tricks sending the crowd into a frenzy. Alastair Sayer kept his huge Backflip and Backflip variation tricks for the end which were nothing less that awesome. Alastair also earned himself the Best Trick award.

The masses wating the Fresstyle Motocross action at Ultimate X

MTB Pump Track

A new addition to Ultimate X and a very cool event to watch. Riders were treated to an awesomely built pump track and had to set their fastest times in two consecutive laps. Four 1 hour sessions were held throughout the day where riders had their opportunities to post their fastest times.

MTB Pump Track at Ultimate X 2014
Fitted with timing chips each rider took their turn on the pump track. Stefan Garlicki posted the fastest time in the 1st session of the day and it remained that way till the end. Most of the other riders posted their fastest time in the last session of the day and although extremely close, millisecond close, it wasn’t enough to beat Stefan’s time.

Mountain Bike Pump Track at Ultimate X 2014
Ultimate X 2014 was an absolute blast with some of the most competitive action we have ever seen in the local Action Sports world take place. The day was finished off with prize giving, a thumping performance by Beatboxer, Jed Nery and a rocking performance by Van Coke Kartel. We cannot wait to see what the 2015 installment has in store.

Ultimate X 2014 Results:

1st – Dylan Mitchell
2nd – Sam Carne
3rd – Jordan Darwin
Best Trick – Jordan Darwin

Wakeboarding podium from Ultimate X
1st – Maxime Charveron
2nd – Paul Ryan
3rd – Malcolm Peters
Best Trick – Malcolm Peters

BMX podium from Ultimate X
1st – Moses Adams
2nd – Adam Woolf
3rd – Alan Morola
Best Trick – Moses Adams

Skateboarding podium from Ultimate X
Best Trick – Alastair Sayer

FMX podium from Ultimate X
MTB Pump Track
1st – Stefan Garlicki
2nd – Sam Bull
3rd – Andrew Neethling
Best Trick -Duran van Eeeden

MTB podium from Ultimate X

Photos by LW Mag and Eric palmer

Photo Gallery:

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