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Sunday , 25 March 2018
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Travis Pastrana Talks Nitro Circus Live SA Tour

So, we just got off the phone from talking to one of our idols, a legend in the world of Action Sports – the man himself, Travis Pastrana. Not only was this a massive bucket list tick but an awesome and surreal experience. A casual chat to the man that has dominated and single handedly evolved the world of Action Sports, the world we love!
The reason for the call was to interview Travis about the upcoming Nitro Circus Live South African Tour taking place in October. Straight off the bat, you could feel the passion and the enthusiasm Travis has for Nitro Circus, its athletes and especially the SA tour. “We’re bringing the biggest ramps, we’re bringing the biggest crew and we’re bringing a whole new show” Travis explained in utter excitement. Damn, we cannot wait!
Check out the full interview below, and get your tickets for the Nitro Circus Live SA Tour. You don’t want to miss this one!

Exclusive interview with Travis Pastrana about the Nitro Circus Live South African Tour

Lets start things off with the recent Nitro World Games, how would you sum the event up?
Nitro World Games is the big air of Action Sports, and the goal of the games is to bring another level of riding to the world. I mean the ramps are double the size compared to what we had in 2002, which was, and still is a standard size.

Which athlete and trick impressed you the most at NWG?
Harry Bink’s Rocksolid Frontflip! What people don’t understand is that when you’re doing a Frontflip, you can’t see where you’re going, and when you let go of the bike it drifts away from you. So for Harry Bink to figure out how to pull and land that trick is incredible.

Moving onto the Nitro Circus Live South African Tour. What are you looking forward most to coming out to South Africa?
I’m so bumbed I didn’t make it out the last time. But everyone that did was just so stoked on the tour and I can’t wait to experience it for myself. We’re bringing the biggest ramps, we’re bringing the biggest crew and we’re bringing a whole new show!

What are you hoping to experience while here?
Last time I was out there I was 12 years old and raced against Grant Langston. I’m sure a lot has changed since then, so I’m excited. Also to come over and do an outdoor event and bring the big stuff is rad.

The show has obviously evolved since it was last here in 2014. How much has it evolved and what can fans expect from this year’s show?
The tricks are just on a whole new level. I mean the biggest tricks we had last time are the tricks the guys will be warming up with this time. My goal is to have the Action Sports fans in the stands going “holy sh!t” throughout the show.

We interview the man himself, Travis Pastrana about Nitro Circus Live

What can Nitro fans expect from Travis Pastrana at the shows?
I’m going to spend the next few weeks getting back into form. I’m going to be riding with the best and need to step up my game so I don’t look bad [laughs].

What are some of the top name athletes we can expect in the SA tour?
Everyone. Everyone is super keen on this tour and they want to be a part of it.

What does Nitro Circus and the Nitro Circus family mean to you?
People say family, but it truly feels like blood. You trust the people around you with your life while doing all these crazy things, and you get to experience and travel the world with them.

Travis Pastrana in Nitro Circus Live

What words would best describe the Nitro Circus athletes?

When you’re not touring or organising events ,what do you like to do with your down time?
[Laughs] Exactly what we’d be doing if we were working, crazy stuff. Have you seen my backyard, we’re always doing stuff! And yes, chilling with the kids but they like doing crazy stuff all the time too.

Tell us something that most of your fans probable wont know about you?
I learn more about myself everyday on social media [laughs]. If I want to find out something different about myself I just check there.

Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus Live is coming to South Africa

If you had the opportunity to land your dream trick, what would it be?
On a bicycle, a Triple Backflip 360, and I’d can call it the American-Roll. I was attempting the Double Backflip 360 but a guy in Australia landed it first and called it an Ausie-Roll. I’d like to do an Ausie-Roll and a dirt bike as well.

Finally, and words for your South African fans ahead of the tour?
Get ready, it’s gonna be big! We’re excited and you better be as well. We’re saving the best for this tour!

Get your tickets for Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Live SA Tour here.

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