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Friday , 27 April 2018
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The Mean Streets Punk Rock Band Interview | South African Music

South African Music – A Punk Rock band that loves to have a good time more than anything while playing fast paced, high energy music is The Mean Streets. We thought it was about time we set up an interview with this combined party unit, as the call themselves, and find out what they’re about. Meet Edwin, Sarel, Brain and Gareth and see what they had to say in our 10 questions to them.

South African Music

Band Members: Edwin, Sarel, Brian and Gareth

Hometown: JoBurg City (East Rand)

Instruments of choice: Life

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Years playing: Going on our 6th year as TMS

Claim to fame: Probably the fact that Ed gets naked on stage every so often.

South African Music
How did you guys meet and start the band The Mean Streets?
Sarel, Ed and Brian were mates at school and shared the love for rock n’ roll. We knew Gareth from his other band. Sarel and Brian started a band called Johnny Be Good but felt like they needed to change their style so they asked Ed and Gareth to join and thus The Mean Streets family was born!

How would you explain your music and energy during one of your live shows?
High energy, fast paced , punk rock. Good times for all.

What are the goals for The Mean Streets this year?
Well this year we are looking to release our first album. We’ve been threatening that for a few years now. Once we have finished up with that we would like to do a lot more touring nationally and even a US/EURO tour if possible.

What festival, bar, club has been your favourite place to gig at and why?
The venue doesn’t matter to us. We just want everyone to have a good time at our show. We’d play in someone’s backyard if they were keen to have us. It’s all about the fun for us.

South African Music
Which festival, bar, club would you most like to play at that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet?
Any local festival really. Ramfest sounds like a good time.  As for bars/ clubs, fuck, anyone who is willing to set us up really.

What band would be the ultimate band for you to open for?
That’s a tough question. There are so many good bands out there. I’d say, let’s keep it local and open for Hogs, Fuzi, Slashdogs and Half Price. Even though we played with all these great bands before, the local scene is where it’s at!

Which international music festival would you most like to attend and play at?
I’d have to say Groezrock, a music festival in Belgium. It’s basically a punk rock and hardcore fest with so many good bands all the time. People are truly into their music when it comes to that festival. None of this standing at your car listening to gay shit all day while drinking brandy and not watching a single band.  Another great one would be the Vans Warped Tour. As far as Ed is concerned any festival with Motorhead is a go!

South African Music
Which one of you parties the hardest?
We are a combined partying unit!

What crazy things have you experienced during one of your road trips?
Just the usual road trip antics. Partying, hangovers, nearly hitting cows on the road, driving 7 hours in the wrong direction, nearly rolling the car after a blow out at 120kmph. You know… that stuff.

Where can fans catch you in the near future?
Like mentioned earlier, we are definitely going to try tour a lot more,  So in a City near you! And we don’t have “fans” … only friends.

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Photos by Christelle Duvenage and Stan Kaplan

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