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Saturday , 21 April 2018
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Tattoo Artist of the Week Jan Giebelmann

Introducing Jan “Munky” Giebelmann, our Tattoo Artist of the Week. We caught up with Jan at Fallen Heroes Custom Tattoos & Piercings to chat to him about his tattooing career, his likes and dislikes, and his tattooing style. Also check out some of his killer tattoo pieces below.

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Full Name: Jan Giebelmann

Nickname: Munky

Age: 31

Hometown: Hamburg, Germany

Shop: Fallen Heroes

Years Tattooing: 8

Tattoo Style: Bold, lined based, Traditional

Hourly tattoo rate: R900

Tattoo Artist
Jan “Munky” Giebelmann. How did the name Munky come around and stick?
It came from being the joker around the shop constantly, also my Mom used to call me monkey in German because of my shit-stirring.

Growing up, did you always know that you would become some sort of artist?
I was always creative but never knew what direction I wanted to go in.

Did you ever expect to be a tattoo artist?
I was shot down a few times while in high school but never thought it would be a solid career direction.

Tell us the story of how you first got into tattooing and how it progressed from there?
I basically hung around a shop like a small tick until I got noticed and helped around for nothing in return.  Slowly got to do more and more things around the studio. I worked as an apprentice for almost 2 years, when I was given the chance to tattoo myself and some select friends.


“Never an expert, always a student.  I love Clean, bold and bright tattoos”

Who  did you do your apprenticeship with?
I apprenticed under John Edwards and Marcus van der Tuin.

How many tattoo shops have you worked in during your career?
6 in total.

Now working out of Fallen heroes, what’s the vibe like at the shop?
The vibe is awesome, we have our own space and the freedom to practice our style.

What is the day in the life of Jan at Fallen Heroes like?
Like one long porno…

What international tattoo shop would you most like to do a guest appearance at?
Not necessarily any specific shop, I just like working with artists that are better than me, keeps me humble and on my toes. Always wanted to do, what I do, better.

Which local and international tattoo artists do you look up to?
Local artists would be my mentors and international are too many to name but on the top of the list would be guys like Myke Chambers, Seth Arcane and Jim Sylvia.

What style of tattoo do you most enjoy doing and would say you are an expert at?
Never an expert, always a student.  I love Clean, bold and bright tattoos.

Do you try to take appointments that relate to your style or are you willing to do any type of tattoo?
Well I like to exploit my strengths as much as I can.

What type of tattoo style do you not enjoy doing?
I’m not the greatest fan of “lick and stick” style of tattooing.  Where it all looks like a sticker and no artistry has been added.  It’s on you for life, go see an artist that can create that for you.

What is the craziest thing you have experienced or has been requested of you during your tattooing career?
Tattooing down south is always interesting.

What about the industry spurs your passion for tattooing?
The fact that we all know of each other and it becomes an extended family.

Where would you like to see your career take you?
On a cruise…

Keen to get tattooed by Jan? Get hold of him at Fallen Heroes on 011 028 0994 or contact him directly on 082 857 3698 or by email info@munkytattoo.com
Also follow Jan on Twitter here.

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Some of Jan’s work:


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