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Friday , 22 June 2018
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Stuart Loudon Mongoose 2013 Video and Interview

We’ve featured videos from BMX Pro, Stuart Loudon before but none as refined and dialled as his latest release called “Stuart Loudon x Mongoose 2013” which he had been planning to put together for Mongoose for a while. It features hit after hit with awesomely linked up and technical lines. We interviewed Stuart about the edit – check it out and watch the video here:

The Video:


The Interview:
Tell us about some of the spots you sessioned in this edit?
Everything in this edit was filmed in and around Durban. I had tons of fun working on it, riding all the different spots and it’s nice to have some variety and not be stuck riding the same thing day after day. Spot searching is tiring but it pays off in the end.

How often do you ride them and which one is your favourite?
The Durban beach park I ride about 4 times a week so that’s definitely my favourite place to session from day to day but other than that I really enjoy riding that big wallride at the Durban\ Westville University. Anything new to ride in the area is always fun.

What was the idea behind doing this edit?
I’ve been wanting to put something of quality together for Mongoose for a while now, so during the past two months Colin Loudon and I just started clocking footage from sessions and of spots we have been hitting in and around Durban. I wanted it to consist mostly of street spots and basically just something a bit different to what I normally put out.

The “rail to manual to rail to manual to rail” take. How many times did you have to do to get it perfect?
That took me around 9 or 10 attempts. I just kept messing up the manual before the 3rd ledge a couple times.

What is your favourite part of the edit and why?
Flipping that little grass bank was a lot of fun, simply because it was random and worked first go.

Any crazy unexpected things happen during the shooting of this edit?
Not really , other than seeing a hobo strangling a cat in a dark alley way…just kidding [laughs].

“The Bar to Ice at the end is something I’ve thought about forever so I just decided to get it done for this edit”

What were the outsiders reactions like: People sitting on the bench watching your Backflip on the grass bank and the guy in the white van after your Taboggon over the rail?
Most people in cars normally just hoot at me, I’ve had the occasional ”Thumbs Up” from people which is cool. The mama’s on the bench were pretty shocked , they all just said ”Haibo” and then proceeded down the road [laughs].

What new tricks have you been working on and are seen in this edit?
The Bar to Ice at the end is something I’ve thought about forever so I just decided to get it done for this edit. I look forward to taking it to bigger and better rails in the future.

What’s the next trick you are planning to land?
There are so many, I love putting together technical lines on unique spots so look out for more edits in the near future.

Who are your sponsors?
Mongoose bikes, DC Shoes, Unit Clothing, Skullcandy Headphones, BMX Direct and Primo supply co.

Any shot-outs?
Thanks to all my sponsors mentioned above and to my brother Colin Loudon for filming and editing this video . Peace.

BMX Stuart Loudon Mongoose 2013
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