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Saturday , 19 January 2019
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Streetbike Tommy Talks Nitro Circus Live 2017

The character of all Nitro Circus characters, Streetbike Tommy is back in South Africa for the Nitro Circus Live tour and we got the chance to ask him some questions about it.
Here’s what he had to say.

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We interview Streetbike Tommy about the upcoming Nitro Circus Live 2017 South African tour

What are you looking forward to most during the Nitro Circus Live South African Tour?
I can’t wait for these shows! Last time we visited South Africa they were some of the biggest shows we’ve ever had. The crowds were amazing! We’re definitely looking forward to that kind of energy.

Out of the 3 stops, which city do you think will be your favorite?
I can’t pick a favorite. They were all awesome.

During the last South African tour Nitro Circus saw some of its biggest crowds. How do your South African fans compare to the rest of the world?
They are definitely among the most passionate and vocal, which is just fantastic for us. We definitely feed off the crowd’s energy.

What does being a part of Nitro Circus mean to you?
Being a part of Nitro to me is overwhelming, to be included in a collection of some of the most driven and talented humans on Earth is extremely humbling. What it means to me is to always be the type of person that will not except the impossible as that, always strive to be better, do more. Never let someone else’s opinion, let alone gravity hold you down.

What is one of the craziest things you’ve ever experienced during a Nitro Circus Live show?
The craziest thing I have ever experienced in a Nitro show is by far our home town show in Annapolis. I have never seen bigger tricks thrown, as well as the most insane train ever.

What have been some of your highlights of 2017 thus far?
Some of the best highlights for me this year have been the Annapolis show, it’s my home town and we have been doing the tours for 7 years now, after taking that long to bring it to my home, it was a great feeling to pack the house.

What can fans expect from the Nitro Circus Live South Africa shows?
Fans can expect everything they know of Nitro Circus Live, but at its very best. South Africa has been the largest most energetic crowds we have ever had in 7 years of shows. That energy translates to the riders and everyone goes huge because of it.

Which Nitro Circus athlete blows your mind every time you see them perform?
Every single one of them. It sounds cliché but where these guys have taken something as simple as riding a bike, motorcycle or even something as simple as a Big Wheel amazes me every single show. Not to mention they manage to still stay great human-beings all at the same time.

Why should South Africa fans not miss Nitro Circus Live?
If you’re a fan of action sports you CANNOT miss the South African shows. This is a collection of the best in the world doing the best tricks in the world, having a ton of fun at the same time! Nowhere else in the world will you get the experience offered at a Nitro show in SA.

Lastly, any words for your South African fans?
We’re so psyched to be back and I can’t wait to see you there!

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