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BMX Day Johannesburg Photos & Edit

BMX Day in Johannesburg South Africa was a huge success

On a frosty Saturday morning the Johannesburg Library Gardens were awoken to the sound of bikes cruising in as BMX riders from different scenes and towns from all over South Africa came together in support the first global #BMXDay. The point of #BMXDay is not about drawing crowds, prize money or even a contest, it’s about drawing the scene closer ...

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Fox Head Europe Presents Part1 – Matt Priest

Matt Priest featured in part 1 of the new Fox BMX video series

UK’s Matt Priest joined up with cinematographer Will Evans to create a 5 part BMX video series. Part 1 has been released and features Matt riding in Cape Town, South Africa and Malaga, Spain. Matt broke his ankle just before the 3rd trip to shoot for this video, but being as dialled and stylish as he is, there was more than enough ...

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World First BMX Quadruple Backflip

Jed Mildon makes history by becoming the first person to land the Quadruple Backflip on a BMX bike

Jed Mildon has written the history books by becoming the first person to land a Quadruple Backflip on a BMX bike. Watch the insanity of Revolution Day here, and respect to James Foster who also attempted the trick but unfortunately didn’t make it.

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International BMX Day | Johannesburg

International BMX day is here

The 18th July has officially been dubbed as International BMX Day. Jams will be going down on every continent round the world, including South Africa. The streets of Joburg are going to be crawling with riders from across the country hitting spots on a planed route through the CBD with the starting point being at the infamous Library Gardens. BMX ...

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Revolution Day is Coming

BMX riders Jed Mildon and James Foster will attempt to make history by landing the Quadruple Backflip on Revolution Day

On 12th July, Nitro Circus BMX riders Jed Mildon and James Foster will attempt to make history as they risk life and limb in a race to be the first person to land a Quadruple Backflip. Jed Mildon will be doing his attempt in his hometown in New Zealand while, at the exact same time, James Foster will be doing his ...

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